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[New hero] too strong echo:Performance feelings,Professional commentary Summary

[New hero] too strong echo:Performance feelings,Professional commentary Summary

I new hero came to PTR
It has the most Bukkake broken and power ever。

After the introduction of the performance of the Echo
We have put together a professional commentary videos
(Including non echo)

PTR Echo performance summary


Kind Projectile shotgun
effect Shoot the 3 shots of diffusion bullets in the form of a triangle
damage 117,3 shots per issued at 51
弾 number 15


Because diffusion is very small
To a large extent as long as not a long distance is often hit 3 Hatsuzen bullet。

For all the bullet HS enters 102 damage if Kimare
200Family to opponentHS → it can be killed instantly convoy with a laser。

Even without if HS from entering、Firing rate and because of the high power
It is easy to cut the HP of the opponent。

If you put a certainty
Time bomb → main → laser
This combo would be stable。


You can be hovering in the air in the same way as Mercy。
(2 times the fall rate is Mercy)

Speed ​​of lateral movement in the air will be 1.5 times。


And Mercy of passive have fairly similar、
It looks good and use when such lands on the safe position after flight。

Ability 1:Sticky Bomb

Kind Projectile
effect Shoot the bomb to explode by the time difference
damage (Direct hit 5)(Blast 30)
弾 number 6Outgoing fire
Cool time 6second


In all the bullet hit210damageis。

200The family party will win in the main / bomb to 3 shots / Laser。

Also strongly continue to shoot all the way bomb to the tank opponent
You can give excessive stress to the opponent tank。

Time formulaThis is because with a strong point
Other party because it does not immediately Kurawa the damage
There is also often that melts at unexpected burst。

Ability 2:Flight

Kind mobile
Effect time 3second
Cool time 6second
Remarks Fly


It'll take you echo freely 3 seconds。

- use to unload shoot from the sky
· Use of Rohm
- for the chase
- for the area up, such as a hill
Use escape -

How to use does not have to rot because the wide variety of。

High mobility in high-fired hero ...

Ability 3:Focusing beam

Kind beam
effect Great damage to the enemy of less than 50% of physical strength
Effect range 20m
Effect time 2.5second
damage (Normal seconds 50)(Seconds for the HP50% or less of the enemy 200)
Cool time 8second


Habit than of other ability is strong but
Seconds 200 damageDaseru potential is strong

50When we actually shot% for the following enemy
You can melt the enemy during the blink。

Easy to fit with other ULT
Or baked in the beam collected by a surge of Zaria
Sigma of ULT Ya、Stop, etc. of Orisa

After cutting the opponent's health in addition to the ability
The strength likely to wear cut in the beam。

Ultra:Dupri Kate

effect Turns into a party of heroes aimed at。
Effect range 40m
Effect time 15second
Remarks ULT magnification in the copy is 6.5 times
Note 2 In effect it is totally recovered when the HP reaches zero and return to the echo


It is pretty strong ULT
It is also strong that in three of the DPS or the three tank
The rate at which accumulates the ULT is6.5TimeTo become a
It is possible to take the wave in bulldoze of ULT。

However appropriate since it is not possible is also utilized to copy the hero
Strong DPS → Genji, etc.
Strong tank → Reinhardt and Orisa, etc.

You need to copy thinking。

ULT copy of all hero&Voice is。

Echo performance impressions

The main weapon of high heating power
Mobility that can fly freely
Of high heating power AOE
HP half laser that gives a large damage to the following enemy
It is rich in diversity ULT

It is often pretty strong that can
Nafu did feel that enter in established。

If Nafu did not come
EkometaIt is coming ...

Professional commentary videos Summary


[Overwatch] new hero "echo" Tied red and white game in King'sRow

JapaneseProfessional team/Powerhouse AmachimuIt is jumbled red and white by。
When implemented in this state ranked matches
I think that in this kind of game content。

The [over] watch the new hero "echo" Japan representative DPS has tried to play! [Hoshimi]

Gleen Leaves belongs hoshimi is the echo play videos by players。
It is purely strong。

[Overwatch] new hero "echo" performance commentary

AKIHABARA ENCOUNT belonging coach CLANK's is due to echo commentary。
It describes mainly about the operation method and weaknesses of the echo。

[Over] Watch new damage hero”echo”Ultra-thorough explanation! ! Professional gamer will tell us more! !

JUPITER is the echo commentary videos of belonging Sabagod players
1Or not quantify the damage, etc. of each originating
We have listed a little small neta。

You can not now because that contains the modified terms of flight cancellation。


[Over] watch Sonbura course by active professional gamer&Measures of each hero

V3 is Sonbura commentary videos by DDT belongs Rrmy players。

For those who are using the Sonbura、Even if you're not using any Sonbura
It is polite commentary videos made for quite。

Here also finely commentary videos similar damage of Sabagod players numerical value, etc.
It gave us a finely data。

When you watchSonbura will is not an exaggeration to say that becomes well。

Small Apude PTR


Add to nano boost analyst lock-on feature
Although it will not be deprived of Nanobu to Ikiri Lucio

Since the time of the lock-on is applied
Whether you want to use is up to individual。


Now Coselle (TM) in if some of the steps blink。

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