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[Column] ULT of strength rankings:Beginners handy little character

[Column] ULT of strength rankings:Beginners handy little character

We made the strength of the ULT in the "only"

Chara is a performance and another。

As the referenceKill forceWhenGeneric natureIn decided。

Strength ranking of the ULT



ULT of OW strongest class
It is easy to handle Sorokiru also easy to take。

Further, it is possible hit from the top for the following ULT S
Easy win when it becomes ULT game

It can often overcome by ULT even under adverse circumstances and have one person in the team。


It is strong slightly than the A class、
Chimukiru also can return ULT or less of S was possible
It is characterized to have a counter ULT。

They are stable and have one or two people to team。


Approximate hero will be positioned here。
Hero ULT of A classYou get a real value by working with allies。

Than use alone、It is easy to sticks and use on which to grasp the status of ally。


It is in many cases would otherwise be returned by the above ULT A。

Since the B rank is high hero skill performance and character performance
It does not need to think in ULT main。

Beginners Recommended character

Here we describe a high performance + ULT performance of the main hero。

Because it is described in considerable briefly
Thank you to the DM if something。



From beginner to advanced your Yotashi of
This handy little main tank。


Press to Toko can press the front、
Draw it was not likely to win you press you were likely win

Among the beginnersHari the front without dying
Fire StrikeDiligently count on
Let's consciousness that will pool the ULT。


ULT is to stun an opponent on the front fan slammed the hammer
It is the ground Shatter。


Orisa in place short-range firepower is poor
Is a medium-range / long-range firepower is high compared to the other tank。


Hard to the main tank and DPS of the other party issues a thermal powerMid-range to put the barrier
Use the skills to delay the time to come in here.
Chipping cracking shield by the time the opponent is approaching、It is low HP partner
It is the strength of Orisa's able to produce advantageous situation, such as。

It is very weak and is surrounded order not to move the barrier
How to place the enclosed not such a barrier is important。


Stop to slow down the movement of the other party gathered around the opponent
Fortify to the damage 40% cut

Skills equipped for endurance。

ULT is aroundThe firepower of ally 1.5x

Since the ULT itself is strong, but there is a case in which not return a ULT of opponent
It would be easy to win and use at the beginning of each other per。


It is a sub-tank that has been used from the initial。

There flex tank that combines firepower and cover
It is strong enough to recommend the Zaria if you want to tank carry。


Pooled energy tension the barrier to ally
It is increased Gorigori the front while covering
Fighting will be the base。

Among the beginners Dattari allies have been shot from the other party
Ally in the ULT、When I used to when I was hit by damage
It will be able to store the energy efficiently


Both are barrier but is very high versatility
Easy and the back is deep。

ULT collect a few seconds the opponent Graviton surge
There is also a fairly powerful ULT in OW
You can easily rounded up that of the other party。

Can also be used as a return of strong ULT the opponent it can also be used to counter。


It combines the firepower and mobility
Firepower compared to the Zaria is a bit scarce、

Very high mobility isOpponent of the hill, etc.
It is the hand that reach the Dva in place itchy。


Secure the high ground of the other party、Cover of ally
It becomes the main fighting that such pressure-sensitive adhesive to the other party DPS and support。

It able to complete anything until fired from the cover。


ULT is "suicide"
Giving you great damage to the enemy within the range for emergency escape from MEC。

Or return to the opponent of the Ourthe as the knack
Or combined ally and Ultra
It is easy to sticks with each other uses since the start per。



Mei is for endurance、Thailand tank performance is high DPS
for that reasonFighting does not need to there, such as Rohm。


Isolate the opponent、Harassment, etc.
Because it often is in the front、Easy and strong handy DPS。

Eventually by a tank killer
Is the strength of Mei not doing anything is the partner of DPS。


Delay of the wall in the isolated and partner
Clio freeze, etc. When he is at stake aimed at

ULT is
Range to cause a snowstorm Blizzard to freeze the opponent。

After separated by a wall and the other of the blind spot, etc.
It is used with the determined easily in melee。


AIM practice for very important but you need
Potential will be able to defeat most of the enemy if there is a fiercely AIM。


Yoshi also put out the firepower from the front
The also good for around Wanpikku the back

Decision but it is important in accordance with the situation
Width is handed to much fighting。

So go on even how far, if there is AIM
Day-to-day AIM practice is mandatory。


Macleay's wilderness gunman
Single combat and is a skill set that was good at 1v1。

ULT is Deddoai
Giving you the lock-on was only the percentage damage locked-on time to the other party

But is a strong also decide from the back
Because in use Macleay becomes vulnerable

Dattari timing the cover is get
It is easy to sticks and used in conjunction with the ULT of ally。


Commonly known as log production machine
It is a sniper that can 確死 the 200 group if hits to the head。

You can fight from a short distance to a long distance to a sniper
There is also a game, such as the time being becomes somehow if choose the Hanzo。


As fighting because there is a charge time of the bow
Hill and side, such as taking advantage of the wall climbing rather than from the front

Is the main fighting is going to surprise attack from the blind spot。


Many can use the lightning in the tank and short-distance partner

After confirming the position of the opponent in as bright and clean as a stainless mirror
It is also often shoot determined by the body surgery。

ULT is a dragon defeated
Shoot the dragon that penetrates forward。

Use the dragon、Or paving the way
Or to induce the behavior of the other party

It is easy to sticks and used in conjunction with the ULT such as Zaria。



Support of representative
It is possible to heal permanently ally
The ability to easily support the allies in the speed boost

It is handy and powerful hero。
Except when heel force of partner support is small, it can fairly be active。


The manner spread the heel and speed to all allies as fighting
This isAdvantage speed boost when when Ya taken takenUse the
It is the main fighting to push and pull。

BoopWhen Ya you want to take the distance between the opponent with respect to
Cover of allyLet's use at the time of the。


Ultra sound barrier
Grant the 750 barrier of which decreases over time to ally。

Will mainly to keep up using your opponent's counter is the main
In hero of possession counter Ultra
The important thing is to recognize the ULT of opponent。

Opponent ofSonburaYaGenjiZariasuch as
We must counter with ULT of Lucio
When the hero is in the opponentHow much current
It has become very important to guess, such as whether the ULT has accumulated。


Many heal amount、For support force is quite high
Easy hero to put the impact in support。

The allies have been targeted from the original heel force is high and the other party
It can be covered by the heel amount

The skill is also due to the very strong
You can also carry a team with skill surface


As the up positionPosition first is not being targeted from the other partyAnd
Ally it is likely to come to the cover position

Ally to go before it advantageous to proceed
It is important to fall behind if the disadvantage。

Although it is often to change the position to frame eyes
To see the war situation eye is nourished Once you get used

I think that OW is good if you practice the analyst。


It is the versatility of the mass。

While it is strong to raise the heel force against the bottle to ally
When you are applying a bottle to a population of opponent you can Wins a mutually hit it just。

Sleep dartsFor it is strong even going against the opponent
If Flanker such as mobility to the other party there are high hero
If you leave with as for self-defense will be a deterrent of the opponent's dive。

ULT Nano boost

Or in accordance with the ULT of ally、
High mobility isOriginally damage easy to heroPut and to
Sticks easy。

If you give them to ally Reinhard to there is a partner of Shatter
Due to the high risk of being counter

It is important to use the ULT and understand around properly depending on the tactical situation。


Resources are there but there is a stable heel
Easy-fired auxiliary of ally、For higher self-defense capability

Moira is also in support
It is representative of handy and strong hero。


Or the heel to act as the tank of ally
Partner or pooled ULT giving firepower etc.

Support seems no problem in movement。

Moira isBurst damageWhenMachine powerBecause of the high
And take a single Kill the enemy that floats
It would be easy to carry the team。


Or throw the recovery Orb look at the HP of the ally
Let's determine whether to throw the damage Orb。

Although we use when filling or was avoided with respect to fade
Since it would be targeted and easy to use after the fade use

This is where you want to use with a purpose。

Ultra is coalescence

Is ULT that combines recovery + damage
Relatively strong ULT But for that would otherwise be returned is depending on ULT opponent

Is the first and use the sticks easy of love per。


PTR Apude


Sticky Bomb

1Reduce the explosion damage of the calling to 30 → 25

It is reasonable。


Urutokosuto increased 16%

It is reasonable。

But now weak and a little is still strong character。


It introduced the beginners hero after a long time。

By all means If you're wondering really strong because the practice hero ...

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