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Popular tank configuration all introduce:From strengths to weaknesses configuration / compatibility / combination

Popular tank configuration all introduce:From strengths to weaknesses configuration / compatibility / combination

It has put together a well-View tank configuration。

Behind the will fight quite advantageously。

Pretty longFor、Only place to be worried aboutBut
I think if you could see with the help from the next game。





It has been a favorite from the initial
This tank configuration。

Shootout of short-range or flat is strongbut
Since the hill opponent and Flanker partner may be struggling
Not only press the before、Think how we pushIt is important。

The strength

Strong ULT

Both high-fired
You have the ULT to win hit with a probability of about 80% if Kimare。

Reinhard、Zaria bothULT to be alert to the other partyBecause it is
When you useOpponent of the counterBe careful to。

High individual firepower

Power is to Reinhardt75Hammer Ya of
300Charge of giving near damage

In MAX energy in ZariaSeconds 170Main give
95Damage near bomb roses lets loose sub, etc.

Firepower is much higher easy to take the kill。

Not easily defeated

Rather than a configuration that fly to the other party Unlike dive configuration
Since the shield as Orisa it does not mean that fixed
Pushing and pulling is the freedom of the front。

Since it is often hardens and go easy ally before or behind

Or determined an opponent of the ULTIf even mistaken damage trade
The first to die it would be a few best。


Poor approach to the high ground

Stairs, etc. Unlike dive hero
Not go on to have to use a roundabout way

You often can not be involved on the busy front。

If there are other party on a hillChanging the route
Or there is only get down to ally DPS, etc.
It is stable to change in the dive configuration if there is tight hill not me down。

Weak returns to dive

Haruzari strengths is the toughness of the front but
It is fly directly to the back line is the ignored
It is often become disadvantageous to dive。

Because often lose from fly is in
Beat your opponent's dive tank before the fly
Do not Tobase is important。

There are many want a scene Lucio

Again Lucio is where you want in mobility is low Haruzari。
Not only can reinforce the weakness in that there are Lucio

It will be strengthened considerably configuration since the high mobility can get。

AlsoWhen Lucio, must not have made painful topped pork configurations such as opponent of OrishiguSince the
Lucio want scene would often

Weakness tank configuration


Dive is not good reason above described

Winston&Wrecking ball

Dive is not good reason above described

It is especially painful to deal with Haruzari also a weak point configuration。
Changing the quietly configuration、It has become important to the mirror。


This is more tolerable simply too hard。

Or raise the energy of Zaria
It is easy to lose now Jirihin to be able to defeat the stretch opponent。

DPS that spits out the firepower to take the side
Ana of inhibition and CC、Easy to defeat and there is Supibu of Lucio。





It is a recent construction。

Front line force of Reinhardt
It combines the mobility of Dva
The involvement of a hill can not be in the HaruzariWait
Much less is weakness in the tank configuration
Easy application is handedConfiguration you, but、

You will be asked the skill of dexterous minute tank player。

The strength

Often you can

Is the strongest definitely because it is often possible。

Pushing and pulling from the involvement of the hill of the front、It is important in the tank
You can do allItchy is a strong structure that can reach the place。

HoweverMinute individual skills is important you do not have specializedYou come to。

Concrete example
- it is difficult pulling push for not Zaria
· Dva dont over there do not move over here just

For equal 1 mistake it is also not allowed scene
If you can, but is often mastering difficult place
You do not have impeccable。


There are many scenes required individual skills

It attaches to this、1The fact that mistakes are not allowed
1One mistake When the dead Dari MEC will be cracked。

Or deception with a barrier also made a mistake in other configuration
You can、Cover of the tank with each other in this configuration
Matrix of Dva has become the main
Timing of the matrix itself such as

For individual skills is a necessary part of many
Player skills will become quite important。

Weakness tank configuration

It is weak in the main specialized configuration。

Individual skills will lose to any configuration without if compatibility relationship low。
It is less here is lose if a mistake。


It is a mirror、The other party will lose you were on the individual skills。


Front ticking bulldoze is the configuration。

Reinhard of durable technology
Dva will lose if it can not be work done with chitin。


Thermal bulldoze is the configuration。

Durability of Hult
Dva will have changed in whether to avoid the hit。





It came out from the previous season。

KatchikachiFor enduranceis。
There is also will be used as Hull D and returns and substitutions。

The constitutive or look at the prima facie hill Orisa is in the stop
It features front is hard。

And the ability of allies to stop the Orisa
Very strongly that match、It holds the key to this configuration。

The strength

Hard to fortress par

It is really hard。

Orisa of barrier + Fortified
Reinhardt of barrier

Since also added support for the heel in addition to this
You will not die if not to defintely adverse expansion。

High versatility of the stop

Stop + Fire Strike
Stop + charge
Stop + ULT, etc.

Stop is often used to effectively than Orihogu
If you this configuration stop let's take advantage of absolute。


Severe and will be ignored

There is only are specializing in front
DPS to come to back upYa
This tends to be weak in the tank, which flies directly to the back line。

Back up is wary、Dive tank, it is now important not Tobase
This configuration hard to press but by pressing the front
Whether putting some pressure on the opposingBut

You come out of the difference Intermediate and advanced players。

Severe slight hill

There is a stop of Orisa but only tankLess likely to self-contained
Ally in the place where you stop DPS is
I assume that that will put the firepowerIt will be。

Since it is often a disadvantage and taken the high ground
Opponent throw as much as possible stop If you are in the hill
Let's give a pressure。

Weak in May

Both because it is equipped with feet on the ground even
Mei wall Masu Bussasari。

Or good use Fortified
Damage to the main at the stop + Reinhardt
It is becoming important that to use the Clio freeze。

It is that also true in Haruzari is similar to this
So keep an eye when you have a must watch DPS
Try to not to free about tight DPS。

Weakness tank configuration

Once the tank ignored is basically losing tend。


Stop is a painful and infested the back line。





It is the most innocuous dive configuration。

Winston is less likely to die
It is said that the dive is to come up first and foremost would be the configuration。

Recently, Hammond is frequently used
Now without looking at the Dva as it used to。

The strength

Easier to stable dive

After the before / I flew to flyCover easy Winston is less likely to die in Dvais。

Also、Unlike other dive tank configuration
Jump pack、Since the dive boost
2You can dive stable to the same point with people。

Easy to take an advantageous to shield configuration

Although it assumes that you can dive、
You can hunt directly SUP and DPS ignore the shield of opponent。

In strong because the hill is often a map or the like if Re Hama
Sometimes it will dive configuration is the game is large advantageous if。


Clear stable therefore weakness

It is death likely to be tank focus。

Sonbura and Doom Fist、To weaker DPS such as reaper
To come out Once you basically out of the dive configuration

Here it is often do you need to change the structure。

With think and dive configured to reverseThe dive configuration anti-DPS to opponent
You can be forced out。

Only do you pick to win them。

Configuration that can be caused to forcibly change the opponent picks
Very strong for、It is by all means would be greatly appreciated when you are able to experience in combat。

You do not need to know how to do。

It is pretty important
Dive configurationHegemony at one time the competition sceneIt was to take stronger constitute a
So if flip sideAdvanced ConfigurationAlso say that。

But will only result is unconditionally brought down even flying to the other party。
Remember to continue to die flying in this regard、Or
I recommend that you see the good players play and commentary videos。

I thought I was using a specific area theory and play videos
Commentary videos did not find ...

Japanese professional of our thank you ... the way of dive ...
(Make Tara absolutely no)

Weakness tank configuration

Dive configuration rather than a partner tank
It is often better if you annoy the other party DPS。

Packed come shield configuration

You win in the only fly in the tank configuration that does not come packed

Packed in the incoming tank configuration can not be here to fly
It is often lose in damage difference becomes fisticuffs。

It is very important sense of distance between the front of the person you fly。

Hog-filled configuration

Hogg is one of the dive killer。
Dattari place to fly when the configuration of such Orihogu to opponent
It is in many cases would be inadvertently Kaowodasu and kill。

Winston&Wrecking ball

Wrecking ball



Is a dive configuration of fashion recently。

Since the mobility is high and move around in semi-permanent
In painful features focus、
If successful anti-pick Ya can not haunt

Also there will be unilaterally trampled to be that。

The strength

There are times when that can be unilaterally defeat

When is not here counter pick to opponent
On the other hand to you out come is to defeat your opponent。

Mobility is higher missing Zuba

Mobility of Winston and Hammond fiercely
Good at blow withdrawalThe focus is difficult for such。
High firepower against the opponent at the time of dive
Winston jump pack + punch
Hammond pile driver of

High moment firepower of both skills
200You can be dissolved in an instant if the band of the other party。


It is difficult to match the breath of the tank

Hammond is because there is a delay of the wire
Although Winston starting is difficult

It is possible, if Hammond starting。

For it would be killed unless combined with the well Nora If you do in Nora
You are prompted understanding of each other。

Weak in the anti-pick

Initial is determined easy, but Ya anti-opponent
Individual skills will become considerably weaker, depending on。

Sonbura and Doom、High thermal retention such as reaper
Because it can become a disadvantage to the CC retention of support。

If you hit losing continues, it is often better to change to turn around。

Weakness tank configuration

There is no little to the tank losing、
It is often the DPS losing。

In addition or issued a character that has a CC
Even hunted support to reverse is a counter dive
It will cause the lose。





It is the winner of the previous meta。

It is good to be scratchy from a distance which is referred to as pork。
Also、Synergy of Orishigu is fiercely
Or the movement, such as the one in two people

Sigma and or take the high ground by one person
Many can be、It may now also still used。

The strength

Uneven the range compared to the other tank

It can attack pretty from a distance
Although you can take down your opponent only in the sigma of the main

Reliably or down the opponent in combination with stop
It can lead to kill。

Or stop the stuck of the opponent's tank also for range is long
Also good at breaking the shield。


Configuration was the ringleader of Karinimo double shield。

Defense capabilities of alive and well in front of it now be weakened high
Because even taken the side cover is effective with the sigma
Performance compatibility as a tank very well
It is quite hard configuration。

It is independent

Orisa / sigma both because there is a main tank proper
You can do this in one person the act of going to take the high ground or loam。

In particularsigmaStrong alone actionThey are skilled in the area upSince the
When there is a margin Let's consciousness to take in the high ground in the sigma。


Weak to dive

Cases are often lose is fly is set up to the other party。
Pressure always the other party so that it is not flyIf given no problem。

Need to know how to do

It is quite important。

At the timing of the sigma of absorption
Or the like using the Fortified of Orisa
Is not or use the endurance skills together
Also it will not withstand in the situation to be endured。

In any configuration
If you do not know it because it is the foundation rules
You may not engage well。

Weakness tank configuration


Or packed without until the pork
Weakness is because the sigma becomes very weak and it's a short distance。

Also vulnerable to ULT of pile drivers and Hammond
Because in many cases the tank will be ignored
Dive configuration would be a clear weakness。

Orisa&Road Hog

Road Hog



Configuration one time was strong in the meta-class。

It is made from the stop hook
Instant death combo
It was allowed to despair many of the 200 group。

The strength

Stop hook

The strength is mainly This is the only。

While this is onlyOnly a lifetime has a stop hook
There are many also match such as would win。

In the Orisa is strong map, but I think that Orihogu is strong
Gradually Hog With the advent of the sigma of appearance 2 shield meta has become weak。

Despite the weakened rank match being pick
Since when Hogg came out Orisa is most stable
It does not have any little scene that forced Orihogu。


Weak to packed

Since shield there is only installation type 1
It may be annihilated when they are packed with Lucio。

And packed be a problem、Reach the Hog of the hook
It is best can up position。

There is no meaning to the hook is not sasara

It is up to the skill of the Road Hog。

Since the configuration of the strength is in the Wanpikku force
Road Hog is a pretty important
When the hook for the key person is not sasara
There also would lose it。

Weakness tank configuration

Spin Breakfast Reinhardt system

It is often lose and packed up before shield。
Vertically divided Ya in full force、You need to Wanpikku by Rohm。

2Shield system

When the shield often is not first hook sasara。

Considerably due to a fatal weakness
I just want to pick change if possible。

Wrecking ball&D.VA


Wrecking ball


For the time mainly Winston has been BAN

But Winston is BAN when you want to dive
This configuration is mainly used。

More difficult than Winston diveYou need familiar for。

The strength

Winston can dive be BAN

It attaches to this、In the competition scene, etc.
Winston is there are many scenes that are replaced by Hammond, which is BAN。

If Tsukaikonasere well put out the strength of much not inferior。

Survived easy for mobility is high

Hammond compared to Winston
Self-defense is liable for mobility is high
It is characterized by the death hard to be subjected to focus。


There is no shield

Because there is no shield Unlike Winston
It will be hit by many hit When you dive。

It is at once burst taking advantage of the pile driver of Hammond
Since melt the opponent style are good

Do not look at the situation of the allies is easy to lose and to dive。

A high degree of difficulty of the dive

If there is no Hammond wire technology
Control because the shuffle

As your bodyIf good command of the Hammond
Dive would be difficult。
Better to use other configurations there is a chance of victory。

Weakness tank configuration


Because there is no shieldDirectly pork damageOr cladding
There is a scene that can not be burst defeated the durability of the Orishigu。

The Orishigu partner is more of Winston Hamo
Fighting easy for、I think that the other party is good to change if Orishigu。

Recommended reference videos

Winston courses active professional teaching [fighting explanation of each character]


Recently, the familiar is
V3 is the explanation video of DDT belongs OSATO players。

This time Winston、Because there are a lot of opportunity to become Winston especially 1V1
We recommend the tank player by all means you for watching。

Genji course by active professional gamer&Measures of each hero


Also is the explanation video of V3 DDT belongs RRMY players。

This is the explanation of Genji。

Recently, especially pick rate of Genji is high
It is a larger game, such as the game is determined by the Nanogenji。

But to bring out the strength of Genji not only ULT is
Do Wins the character pair well is becoming important。

Genji Tsukai Come ...!

Ana courses Japan representative teach!!Fighting explanation of each character [DPS ed.]


JUPITER is a commentary videos of belonging SABAGOD players。

This time Ana、

Ana Although it is often turn to nature on the support
There is also to contribute to the thermal power in order to go to pull the team

In particular, the HP there are many scenes to defeat the low DPS。
In order to fight rather than run away from the DPS

You need to know the movement of the DPS party。
It is a person of Ana Tsukai rises winning percentage when you watch ...?


Other configurations?

Although Winston Zaria, etc. is an exception

Other configurations、The combination of such sigma road hog
Often suffer from defects
Not used much。

It is time was adamant the player purchased in ranked matches as well as being used
Since it is often a decent configuration In other their own if such a case
It did not explain。


After all how s the strong? Also it is said that

Difficult unconditionally this is referred to as the strongest
Which configuration is also likely to be constructed because there is a weakness rock-paper-scissors。

Characters that you can use yourself is the bestUse the
Fight in such a manner that the configuration of the template ABOVE
I think in a best to change to other configurations you were unfavorable compatibility ...

Winston personally&Although Hammond is I think pretty strong
Because it can easily beat depending ally DPS and support

In After all individual skills
If you put any of the Hult / Orisa / Winston
Constitutive in without a problem、I think that chemistry and individual skills are after。


Number of characters 7300 characters are close、As long as I was going to shorten that can be
It has been really long。

So I think tank compatibility was possible to write down
I would appreciate something of vote。

Tank is often affected by the configuration compatibility
Because there are a lot of each also win the game and to tank wins

The fact that for the time being win the opponent tank
I think that in mind and easy to grasp the flow of the game。

※ Because it is introduction description of the detailed battle how is this time is NO。

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