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[OW course] is better to check before each other per can / New patch information

[OW course] is better to check before each other per can / New patch information

It is better to check before each other per。

This will have advanced users of the road is open, if possible。

Since the strong people, such that you have done in the unconscious
The first to be able to unconsciously let working conscious。

Check the configuration of the opponent(Opening a KOs screen)

From the start15After seconds elapsedYou can see from。


It is understood that the difference with the other configuration

Koch heel force is small compared to the support structure of the party
Compared with the tank configuration of the partner here is the front line force of the front is low, etc.

Whether I should move if they(Aggressive / safety / loam, etc.)

nextMovementEach other per Ya is
Or should I aware of what itIt might be helpful。

It is understood that wins muscle of the other party

Winning muscleIs roughly becauseThe combination of UltraThere you have the majority。

Classic win muscle by looking at the structure of the party
(Nano/Dragon sword)(Dragon/surge)Wait

Countermeasures to grasp the Ultra combination is likely to stand

We'll keep the Ultra because come Würth of next opponent
It makes it easier to determine, such as。

What happens If you do not check?

I do not know Würth percentage of ally

If you do not open the KOs screen before each other per
Without knowing the Würth ally

Whether the win to each other per this
How to Würth alignment is

It will come out many obscure parts。

If you want to clearly organize the informationAbsolutely KOs screen Take advantage of。

I can not respond to pick change of opponent

until a few minutes agoOpponent was FarahBut
SuddenlyOr I got shot in the head on behalf of the Widow Maker

Such as that would be issued firepower from the back is Dasa a reaper to one which is not noticed

To each other perIt works disadvantage that the configuration of the other party do not know
In order to guard against such opponent of the surprise attack、

After each other hit before and each other perHabit to open the KOs screenI mean,
Increasing the amount of information、Opponent a surpriseAlso it can respond to pick changeWill。

Confirmation of placement / vacant area of ​​the opponent

Please refer to the easy-to-understand First two images。

Check the placement of the opponentby doingPredicted behavior of the other partyCan
Turning to the vacant areaThere is a freedom of action selected by。

Increase the selection does not just push the previousI want to incorporate means because。


Field of view becomes wider

Simply field of view widens。

See thin location of the other party by confirming the position of the other party
The following actions will be easy to stand by to check the free area。

Since the story of around here becomes the story of the area theory and hate theory
We will be omitted

Partner before each other perConfigurationWhen
Vacant areaTheConfirmation to act AdvantageDo not only to。

And put day-to-day habitGo up considerably improve paceWill。

Easy to prevent a surprise attack

When you confirm the placement of the other party
Someone hero not in front isI understand。

For example, Ya Doom Fist it is in the back
Reinhard or the like which aims to charge from behind

Shot in one pickI think that the difference between the experience Everyone there。

HoweverOperation of the more Shot system if the top is painful and SpokenBecome
But whyMany of the players to check the placement of the other partyIt is from。

Since the leads to death = Negative、In order to avoid as much as possible waste death
To verify the placement of the opponent as much as possibleIt is strongly recommended that。

What happens If you do not check?

Thus turning to the other party of iron

Confirmation was not and find the empty area opponent is ahead
The early movement of、Here is it is pretty much surrounded。

By checking the placement and empty area of ​​the opponent
Considerably theirAdvantageously move boardNevertheless
Or unable to move because do not understand ...

Unfavorable due to confirmation shortageWill greatly。

Well say is more advanced users "Why do not you this?"I have been stuck in here。

Position of the other partyWhenJust to make sure the areaIn order to be able to close the gap between the upper
It is recommended that you check every time if you want to be strong real。



It was implemented in the live server。

Here is a brief description。

- maneuverability and handling performance is increased

• The decrease of ammunition 200 → 120 to
• The consumption ammunition half of icicle

Explosion damage to increase from 65 to 80
Decrease, the landing damage from 55 to 40


- Shuriken recovery time is reduced from 0.75 seconds to 0.65 seconds

· Reduce the knock back resistant to 30% from 50%

Recommended videos

Ash course by active professional gamer&Measures of each hero


V3 is DDT belongs rrmy players of ash commentary。

Although the Rankuma is picked easy to ash
It has been enhanced maneuverability in this patch

Pick rate is expected that it would be slightly up、
Come If you want to practice the ash this opportunity。

OpenDivision results

This time, the rule changes
Rather than the upper 16 teamThe top 12 teams play offwas。
You have to fix later because it was clearly the last time up to 16 teams。

From Japan
#6 D81 Fortuna
#11 V3 DiabloDeathTouch

More than3teamI participated but to the weekend of play off。

Contenders information

League on two of the Open Division current competitions now
Closest to OverwatchLeagueThe Contenders

Japanese professional teamGleen LeavesButCurrent 4-position and large good luck inis。

Not tied up more and more eyes from Gleen Leaves to fight the world。

With respect to that of the international leagues and competitions scene
CosmicKnightJP representative Adowan's@ add0neBut

Collected the most up-to-date information、Since it has me calling to
Those who are worried will recommend a follow-up。


It is common to all roll should be confirmed that wrote this time。

Before each other hit before and each other per
It can be at once improve if it is possible to check every time。

The answer to the first and foremost been heard the difference between the advanced and the beginner is that this、

It will be quite a weapon if it is natural, but we can
Please try to practice。

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