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Recent Overwatch Summary:Patch / OpenDivision / online events

Recent Overwatch Summary:Patch / OpenDivision / online events

4/2 PTR patch notes

The benefit of our customers, we have come to Peri mental mode、
It is also a matter of time before coming to live。

※ quoted from official


Possession of the number of bullets is increased to 12 from 15

Is a big buff for ash scene there were many that beat in a few shots after。

If you try to launch the recovery immediately before the completion
Remove the following bullet waiting time caused

It seems to delay, such as the bullet clogging after the shot is no longer。
Improved usabilityI will。

Until the diffusion range reaches a maximum
Increase Koshidame the number of shots shot to 6 shots from 4 shots

Here also it will improve usability。
Will Koshidame fire is likely to。

Delete the recovery of the time delay of the shooting that occurs when the switch to the sight

I think that it is kind of maneuverability improvement。

General Council of Trade Unions of Japan

Although there is no be added hand power such as direct

Motion speed YaSmall turn came to a sharpSince the
Ease of use has been improved。

Since the ash was not that much higher pick rates
I think that it is good patch。


Shorten the recovery time from 0.75 seconds to 0.65 seconds

Shorten the rigid time after throwing after the shuriken

Time until Uteru the next shuriken is faster 0.1 seconds。


Decrease the maximum number of ammunition from 200 to 120

We hit by large Nafu。

The icicles but is not affected much
Have a great influence on the spray、Hard to freeze the opponent

Lowering Mei of harm performanceDid。

Reduce the ammunition cost of an icicle to 20 from 10

It is the strengthening of icicle、Than the spray main short-range movement

Icicle the main from the middle distance long distance、Now pork side of the character。

General Council of Trade Unions of Japan

Professional gaming team V3 DDT belongs Ryuchino players also this reaction。

It is going to be a strong character that only people that can be used can be used。


Increase the explosion damage to 80 from 65
Reduce the impact damage from 55 to 40

The total attack damage at the time of direct hit does not change
Has become firepower is likely to put out by emphasis on blast is placed。

General Council of Trade Unions of Japan

Simply strengthening has entered、Considerable damage is likely out

Pick rate is likely to rise。


Knock back resistance of the "Steadfast (passive)"
50%It decreased from 30%

It is weakeningKnock back resistance has been reduced。

Before patch Ya punch of Doom Fist
Most for Hult did not move in Boop of Lucio

I think that it is reasonable Nafu。

This week's pick rate:result

Among the hit scan Farah is BAN is said to rule the environment
It is the one result had become a fact what kind of pick rate。

The hero should be noted that I will introduce in the pick-up in after placing the results。


Grand master zone。
※ master Although diamond is also feeling a similar
Farah is coming in slightly above。

In order to stop the FarahAshPick rate of higher。

While Farah was stoppedThat Macleay has disappearedBy
Raise the tracer of pick rate

Brigitte as the counter was also a good look。



222Lock、Pick BAN later
Mercy has started is pick。

Difficult to find the correct answer by the weekly meta changes
Under any circumstancesIt is stable movementIs also is one of the reasons why the、

Many also every game configuration change
The fact that it is also often a dive organization

Many cases to be targeted from the support、Self-defense capabilities and fled performance will be required、
It will be considered and its for Mercy pick rate is rising。

And Farah this week is built to the environment expected
There are not on the many games that Farah is out Overbuff
It seems there were many that operate as Farah Mercy。



Tracer also 222 lock Ya
Pick BAN since the introduction has become picked easy。

It is only this week、By Macleay has been BAN
There is no threat of CC
Pick rate is quite up impression。

Although Brigitte as a counter was or is issued、
Because it is reducing the influence of Brigitte by the Furudaibu configuration

This week was particularly shaken the tracer is fury。


Wrecking ball

Wrecking ball&Winston

Although originally there were configuration
By Dva is BAN
The combination of this week's dive tank
It was Winhamu。

It becomes difficult to stop than usual by Macleay and Sonbura is not
Player that lost devastated also will not a few。

Taking the initiative to use the match, which Winhamu sticks
I think that those who dive is greater rate of prime easy game。
(It recommended to have in such a party tank duo)

Online Event Information



Familiar eSports casters Yoshi Yamazaki Tomohiro's sponsored by the public scrim

Invited the team player of Japan
Divided into YOSHIZAKI army GAPPO3 ArmyDraft regulationsAnd the red and white。

As the content isRed and white by the Japanese top layerI think that close to。

For Echo use if possible、Or Echo that happens when you are combat-up
By all means, please watch those who want to see a high-level match。

Day when:4Month 3 days(gold)21:30~24:00
The actual situation:Yoshi Iwasaki Tomohiro@yoshi_chihiro
Explanation:Gappo 3@gappo3gappo3
U R L :https://twitch.tv/chihiro0829

#1 The Magician Cup (General Assembly)

Kitchomu's@KichcyomusnIs a community tournament organizers。

16It becomes 2day tournament of the team system、

If it is the same as the previousProfessionalFromFlaxUntil、From the team until the instant
This tournament coming out are a variety of player。

Since it is a loose atmosphere and the tournament than the official tournament
Or want to try out the tournament
Is anyone who wants to fight with the Japanese player

When you participate by all means invite a friend
I think that I can experience the fun of the tournament。

Date and time:4/25,26 21:00~24:00
Eligibility:Account level more than 200
Wanted number of teams:16team
Application deadline:4/24 23:59Until
Application page:Google form

Recommended reference videos

This is to increase the rate at Genji! Genji course professionally teach


V3 is the explanation video of DDT belongs Ryuchino players。

How to use mainly skills of how to use and ULT

Consider what kind of place、Why such theIt explained to me until。

Rather than the data commentary、Since me to explain the psychological warfare of anti-personnel at strategic points
Progress if it is possible to incorporate in combat will no doubt。

Finally"Strongly become skin of Genji"Until

What explains to the point where other people do not explain is characterized by。

Open Division progress

The remaining match after two games、If put into best16 you can advance to the play-off
Intermediate results is here。

Japan team

#9 Most
#10 D81 Fortuna
#11 7D’s
#14 Icicle Fenrir
#15 V3 DiavloDeathTouch

Almost play-off confirmed

Almost play-off determined by one win next Saturday and Sunday

D81 Fortuna
Icicle Fenrir
V3 DiabloDeathTouch
Almost play-off determined by two wins Saturday and Sunday

#6The following team is going to be a Saturday and Sunday mountains。

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