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[OW Basic Course] how to kill your opponent:Defeated how / shootout how, etc.

[OW Basic Course] how to kill your opponent:Defeated how / shootout how, etc.

Although the last time was a course such as up area

This is taking way course of the kill。

It often applies it to DPS
Please try to take advantage of because also applies to the tank and support。

How to kill your opponent

Aim the same friend and foe

Is the most simple and basic in the foundation。

Heel is no longer make do with that aim the same friend and foe
SimplyKill the opponent in the amount of damagecan。

BasicEnemy the main tank and the sub tank is aiming
Enemy if there is room DPS is aimingIf the aim together

Will increase the success rate of kill is to dramatically。

Win in range

For example Widow maker VS Macleay scene of

And this distance(1)

This distance(2)

Which isOr shoot easy for the Widow MakerDo you understand?

The answer is(2)is not it(1)Easy in the short-range Cry the counterattack from the Macleay
Inherent strengths of the Widow Maker On the other hand shooting from longSo

Will be himself is stuffed up a short distance are erased their strengths。

Distance to think and
「(1)Advantageous is Macleay(Flavan within)」
「(2)It is advantageous Widow "

It will be。

As a basic way of taking the killThe basic premise of their fight in good at rangefor
nowOnce your hero is sure what distance is strong in mostThen

For confidence in the shootout scene、Will kill it is likely to take。


In fact the closer AIM's is likely to be theSo

When I took the backAnd partnerWhen you have not noticed here.It is
There is also better to close a good scene。

Better is taken here of the appropriate distance when the other party is aware of here.
It is advantageous to easily become a shootout basis。

Shed Hatsutama(sucker punch)

ROHM is jammed This is why that easy to take the kill。

As long as the opponent does not avoid the bullet by giving the damage from the back to the earlier
Kill you are likely determined by the damage race。

Tracer, etc.ofFlanker systemSince the hero is a particularly important
As put by surprise if there is room

Also、Let's aware of the blind spot of care so as not to caught off guard to the other party。

If Atere's first bullet mintues caught in AIM force is higher than his opponent
Often lead to kill

When the AIM forces are still people what be aware of the surprise that not enough
It may be easy to take the kill。

Past articles such as Rohm way is here.。
Rohm article

Aim the place there is no skill

Hero will be greatly weakened and use the skills。

Voice chat when teamed with PT
Using ~ barrier"And"I do not - now"such as

Opponent ofSkill reportI think that there is to listen to。

"As the meaning of the reportNOW OR NEVER aim because with partner skills
We express the fact that。

The same is true in Nora、
The other party is going to aim I use the skills
· Ally aim at opponent using If you used the skills to opponent
Look at the opponent's skills

Launch to the other party aware of such a thingIf you like to
It will be fairly easy to take kill is。

Related shootout

Prediction Place

Example is King Slow attack。

This image(1)When

This image(2)

Which one will tell you strong?

(2)Is the stronger of。

But why(1)The "Macleay isThe other party is notAnd that "I think
On the other hand(2)The "Macleay isThere are opponentI think that at the AIM. "

Also when you have been if the other party is de
If you did not put the AIM where the opponent comes out
Necessary steps that bring the AIM until the place of the other party
But it will be。

in advanceIf you have been placed prediction
Shoot at the moment the other party came outcan do。

You eventually I think I was able to understand can lead to Hatsutama rely, etc.。

Any roleHow FPS even every prediction is very important and powerfulSo
Prediction Place'll wear conscious。

Strong shootout how(Object use)

Once again is an example。



Which do you strong?


fundamentallyIf you take the position in place also to be hiding in the object being shot
Considerable advantage in the shootout
You can take a

If you can hide even in objects likely lose shot ahead
There is a re-chance。

Quite important in common to all rollSince such things

Soon hiddenAware that exchange blows in the vicinity of the objectlet's do it。


Recommended commentary videos

Winston commentary play in watchpoints


By V3DDT belongs OSATO players

Rankuma is a commentary Play。

The movement of the commentary through the actual game
You have me to things finely explained。

Description of actual play is quite uncommon
Since the person is also less you're doing

Winston players and tank players
I recommend strongly to watch。


Foundation should be checked before each other per the previous。

Basis for this time to take the kill。

If these two is possible
Until the diamond master I think that it would be go lightly。

Previous hit love confirmation of continued

Opponent skill check of
Understand their range
Prediction shoot / objects available

This time these three is the cornerstone of particular game called Overwatch。

For new information of OW is less、Sorry becomes a course more ...

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