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Measures required:Strong classic combination summary introduction

Measures required:Strong classic combination summary introduction

It is a standard combination summary。

Because there are many combinations
Some parts are omitted,
Introducing measures。

2Introduced by one person combination。

※ I will omit the tank combination。
If you are interestedThe abovePlease refer to。

* Widow Hanzo is missing ... sorry.





Has been raging since the beginning
Is a combination。
It is often taken measures
Depending on your movements and the movements of your opponent
In some cases, the other party can not take measures。

The strength

Can fly semipermanently

It ’s a painful heel
Marcy is mainly Fara
By heeling
Pretty easy to fly

Because it's not good to be shot a little
RatherCan fly bullish
You can exert a great influence on the game。

Easy to generate firepower

Fara's firepower with damage boost
Over 150 direct hits、You can pan the tracer。

With the fact that the above can fly, the other party must take measures
It is easy for two people to break the matchWill。


It is easy to be dealt with by hit scan

Because it had been raging from the beginning
Playing nowMost users know what to do。

Therefore, two hit scans are issued
For example, using a dive structure that ignores Fara

When you feel uncomfortable or not working
Will need to change picks。

It depends on Fara's movement

Fara is an important combination
Fara's own play skillsWithout

Even though the hit scan has not been issued to the opponent
Sometimes it ’s impossible to rampage and the bottom may collapse.。

It is necessary to have individual skills that can be rampaged when the opponent is not taking measures。

Easy to adopt configuration

You can incorporate any configuration。

Dive togetherFurudaibu configurationOften used in。





Since the advent of Ash
It's a rumored combination。

By adding a damage boost
HS damage exceeds 200
200You can defeat a tribe with a single blow。

The strength

High firepower

This is the strength of Ash Mercy。

As a difference in Fara Mercy
Has the potential to defeat the opponent with a single blow

This is the interval at which you can fire the full charge of the Widowmaker without charging.。


It depends on the movement of Ash

Omitted for the same reason as above

Weak against many dives

Because I have a coach gunYou can deal with the dive of one opponentBut

For many dives that can follow the flight destination
There are always strict ones。

If you win, defeat the flying opponent with HSbut
Because it ’s very difficult to do that intentionally

Will tend to be weak on the dive。

Firepower changes depending on companion support

If alliesMercy and Lucioin the case of

You can't heal Ash mainly
It will be a situation where you have to heal the tank etc.。

If it ’s Mercy Bati / AnaSmall heel
In the case of composition, Ash Mercy will be difficult to establish
Since the

Let's consider pick change depending on the support of allies。

Easy to adopt configuration

mainlyShield constitutionIs easy to incorporate into。

Although it can be incorporated into dive configurations,
Ash is not a dive hero
May not engage。





Used since Ana appeared
Is a combination。

Nano GenjiIs very strong
It's hard to get Zeni
For the time being, NanogenThere is a trend like。

The strength

A strong combination of ults

It's powerful enough to compete 1 or 2 with Overwatch。

Even if you say that you are giving out Anagenji just for this
It's no exaggeration。

High versatility of combination

Can be involved in hills、1Genji with strong v1
Ana that can play an active part in any configuration

Neither is a peaky hero
Generic herofor

It ’s a combination that is very easy to handle and easy to fight.。


There is a risk that there will be insufficient firepower

Basically no weaknesses

I'm giving GenjiDepending on player skills
If you run out of fire or get an anti-pick

May get stuck。

Change when using ULT in situations where you lose your opponent's compositionWait
Pick change is important。

Easy to adopt configuration

Easy to use in any configuration。

To the other partyMacleayYaBrigitteIt came out
IWhen it gets toughis。





A typical flanker combination。
Simple but very strong

When the two people are in focus
Knock out a huge firepower。

The strength

It is easy to disturb the game

It attaches to this。

As good as a flanker
No hero is easy to break the match

One pick + give excessive stress to the opponent
If you have a good flanker、
I often win without a win。



Both thermal power and mobility are excellent,

Both require high player skillsFor
If you can't handle it like yourself、To the opponent McCree, etc.
I often go back and try。

Also cooperation with partner、Focusing is also important
Strong composition but very difficult。

Easy to adopt configuration

I ’m basically not behind the shield

Dive configurationIs mainly used in。

Doom Fist&Zaria


Doom Fist


It ’s a combination I ’ve seen recently
Just put a barrier on the doom

Very strong for
If the same situation occursSo that they can generate synergy
If you are conscious, it will be easier to win。

The strength

Doomfist is almost invincible

By adding a barrier to the doom that flies to your opponent

Overwhelmingly less hits and one-pick rate increases。
It depends on the player skill of Doom

Very powerful。

There is a synergy of ult

Surge that gathers opponents in one point
Meteor strike strikes a single point

There is synergy、This alone is a strong combination。


Too much on the attack

Because of the composition that hits Bali and Doom in addition to Zaria
Basic hit firstis。

The other party hits earlier than here
When you have to go to defense

Because it becomes very fragile
It is important to be aware of the first hand and make one pickIt will be。

Neither Doom nor Zaria are dependent on each other
You can also fight separately。

Easy to adopt configuration

Zaria is used in the basic shield configuration

Mainly shield structurebut

Rarely used in dive zaria。





A combination that has been used since Hanzo Rework。

High firepower、Highly versatile
High synergy
Sometimes it was meta。

The strength

High versatility

Fire/Machine power/One pick power/Ultra Synergy

I have everything。

While this is only、Nothing more than this。


Depends on competence

Depending on their ability
If it becomes the strongest combination、Will also be the weakest。

Practice of individual skills is directly linked to strength。

It is a supplement, but it tends to be slightly weak in the dive structure.。

Easy to adopt configuration

For the same reason as before
Mainly used in shield configuration because of Zaria。

Sonbura&Doom Fist

Doom Fist



It's called a hack fist。
It was used for a while at OWL

Give the opponent so much stress
It's a strong combination。

The strength

Easy to take advantage of waves

Sombra that can be set before it hits
Doom fist that makes it easy to pick up one pick

It is also possible to move the hit with just DPS。

The understanding of the character is necessary, but like a tregen
It ’s one of the flanker combinations.。

Hard to be countered

Basically with a pickIt is almost impossible to deal withis。

Almost no specific countermeasure configuration exists
Countermeasures to defeat spoiled Sombra and Doom Fistfor

Depending on your ability, you can fight comfortably。


Individual skill is very important

Like Tregen, there is no clear measure for each pick,

Advantages and disadvantages become clear by individual skill
Movement against McCree and Brigitte, etc.

OwnCharacter controlYaKnowledgeso
To decide how much you can fight

The less experienced, the weaker the combinationis。

Easy to adopt configuration

Often used in Halt axis or dive configurations。

For the time being, both are flanker categories
You will probably use dive configurations。





Until Pick BAN comes in
It is a composition that was close to meta。

Both are highly versatile
Because the reaper also has Mei's anti

Often both became mirrors。

The strength

Clear and rich ways to win

Isolation using the wall of Mei
Reaper loam etc.

There are many uses for Mei's wall
The reaper can be turned around in the loam or front

Many things can be done as DPSDepending on the scene
You can choose how to fight。

AlsoOne-sided advantage for shield configurationSince the
When the opponent is a shield and it is unlikely to stop the mailie par
This is one of the configurations I want to use。


It tends to be weak to hit scan

Strong against the frontbut

Widow maker shooting from long
Because it may become weak to roaming McCree etc.

It is important to take care of the sides and longs。

Mei on the wall、Reaper has a teleport
Care will not be difficult depending on your intentions。

May not stop opponent flanker

When the opponent is a dive
I can not counter at the timing of flying

If this is motivatedOpponent's doom fist
Flanker DPS may go wild。

Doom Fist can be dealt with Reapers

To other small flanker opponents
It may not be possible because there is no hit scan。

Depending on Mei's accuracy
Countermeasures against flanker are necessary。

There are many want a scene Lucio

Basically because it is a fighting fight
Without Lucio, I'm not fast enough

There are many situations where you cannot fill up at the most important places.。

Because of the composition that fights on the premise of Lucio
If you don't have Lucio, stop fighting

It may be safer to have a structure that fights at medium distance。

Easy to adopt configuration

Other than dive configuration

Orisig Mail Reaper
Halza Remail Reaper etc.

Incorporated with the above configuration。

Recommended reference videos

Reinhardt Commentary Play # 2 in Oasis


This is the Reinhardt commentary play of OSATO player belonging to V3DDT。

Reinhard messenger、It's a must-see for tank players。
I'm watching everything, but I think it's pretty easy to understand ...

Three points that professional Doom Tech thinks while playing [Commentary] [No longer teaching]


This is a video of the doom fist explanation of tomo players belonging to AE NG TEAM。

There is also play, but it is very easy to understand because it is a text explanation main
You can easily see the inside of a strong person's head。

Of course Doomfist player
I think DPS players will also be helpful, so

Recommended to watch。


column:About the configuration

In order to utilize the combination explained this time
It is important to include it in the overall structure

For example, if you want to use Ana / Genji

Hult / Dva / McCree /Genji/Ana/Yellowtail

It ’s like this with a comprehension。

In addition, in order to establish Anagenji
・ In charge of firepower and hit scanMacleay
・ With GenjiDva on the hill
・ Can take care of AnaBrigitte

The structure is too deep to explain
The winning line has been decided、It is said that a composition that can complement each other is good。

I hope you find something inspirational。


I have put together a combination that is said to be strong。

Make good use of these configurations
If you can adjust to the structure of the team, it will be hard to lose。

222Rock / Pick BAN environment now、There is no meta called meta

The key is how to make strong combinations and configurations。

By the way, at midnight today or at noon tomorrow
New hero ECHO will be implemented in LIVE。

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