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2020April Summary of latest information:Patch notes / official information / echo related

2020April Summary of latest information:Patch notes / official information / echo related

It is a summary because the information has increased by adding echo etc.。

4/14Update patch note

* Translated from the official patch notes。

New Hero:Echo added(damage)

Echo is an evolutionary robot created by Dr. Minaraio。
Programmed artificial intelligence、
It is versatile enough to be used on many battlefields.。

Echo's ability shoots bullets in a triangular patternTri-shot
Explode after delaySticky Bomb
To quickly jump forward and avoid danger、MovingFlight

Fire a beam for a few seconds
Including barrierGreatly damages enemies with half or less HPgiveFocusing beam

copyNow target the enemy hero and clone
You can change the battle of your team in an instant。


Practice groundToTraining Partner SpawnerAdded
You can create any hero bot。

Middle East playerGame experience(Match speed, etc.)To improve
Opened a new data center。

・ In the main menu and option menu"Patch Notes"the button
Added、Select to see the latest updates。

Rank play update

・ The previous rank match mode without 222 lock4weeklyFor a limited time
Added to Arcade Mode。

・ Hero poolevery MondayWas changed to
Overwatch league and rank play pick bans will be the same。

・ Map pool is abolished、
Temporarily reduced match matches between Paris and Luna Colony
It became difficult to match。
(There were many opinions about map changes)

Hero update


Improve blink accuracy、Easier to reach the sighted spot。
(Now you can climb a little step)

Official dispatch information

Flash Ops: Echo Showdown

With the implementation of echo、Tournaments that must include echo in the teamis。

The competition will be held in North America and Europe
I think you can participate from Japan。

Also as a limitation OWL,Contenders have up to two players in a team。

The total prize money is250Ten thousand

1Rank team100Ten thousandYen prize will be awarded。

Please refer to the following URL for details.。
Blizzard official page
Competition page

Echo's Twitch Challenge

Often doneTwitch drop challengeis。

The sprays that can be received this time are as follows

There are many cute items that are limited, so I would like to get them ...

Detailed acquisition method,For how to work with Twitch
Click herePlease confirm。

Here are some tips on how to play the new "Echo" hero of "#Overwatch"!

Anyone playing Overwatch will know
Professional players and celebrities gathered
It is an introduction video such as Echo's play and combo。

NowadaysMany overwatch official promotions in Japan
I think the Overwatch party is pretty good
I wonder if some of you may start Overwatch with this ...


CC skills are nerfs?

It's a rumor level, but it seems that they are currently making adjustments regarding CC、

Will heroes etc. who are hard to work with CC come out ...

Recommended video

Tracer course by active professional gamers&Measures of each hero

It is a tracer explanation of Rrmy player belonging to V3DDT。

The tracer itself is pretty strong
Because it is very difficult to handle, there must be many people who have frustrated ...

The tracer is explained because it explains in an easy-to-understand manner.
Those who want to improve are recommended to watch。

In addition, recently with Pick BAN such as McCree and Brigitte
Because there are few CC heroes

The number of times you want to pick a tracer is increasing。

Event / event information


Mr. Yoshizaki is doing various events, but this time
That famous company[Fujitsu] vs. [Special Hospitality Yoshizaki Army]It's a dream match。

If you are interested, please take a look.。

Day when :418th of the month(soil)20:00~
The actual situation :Tomohiro Yoshizaki (@yoshi_chihiro
Explanation :Okiraku (@okiraku_ow
Broadcast URL:https://twitch.tv/chihiro0829

Overwatch excitement competition

If you're watching Overwatch on Twitch, you probably don't know
Contaminant group community competition。
Divided by average rate, 4000+ main roll prohibited etc.
Enjoyed by anyoneIt's a competition。

It is a large-scale competition with more than 50 people currently participating.。

Day when :419th of the month(day)17:00~

OVERWATCH East-West Battle

Overwatch East-West battle。
East side、Divided to the west side and fight according to rivalry rules、

Enjoy event for the purpose of enjoyingso
Regardless of abilityEasy to participate even for beginnersIt's an event。

Day when :April 25 (Tue) 18:00〜21:00(plans)
The actual situation :Tomohiro Yoshizaki (@yoshi_chihiro
Explanation :Okiraku (@okiraku_ow
Broadcast URL:https://twitch.tv/chihiro0829

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