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Setting explanation summary:Settings that make it easier for the enemy to see

Setting explanation summary:Settings that make it easier for the enemy to see

For PC。

Click here for CS version →CS version settings

General settings

Display mode

・ Window mode
・ Borderless window mode
full screen

In window modedelayBecause
full screenIs stable。

If you don't mind the delay / go to the back screen often
I think it is a borderless window。

Field of view

You can set the size of the field of view。

Viewing angle 103

Viewing angle 80

The smaller the viewing angle, the larger the opponent。
Basically 103There are many players。

If the viewing angle is set low, it can be used for the dive composition and lining of the opponent.
The default 103 is stable because it becomes difficult to respond.。

aspect ratio

Adjust the aspect ratio。

Such as CSGO4:3Is not in OWFor
Must be added from NVIDEA Control Panel。

4:3Those who want to play with etc.
"NVIDEA Custom Resolution"Please search with。

If you are a professional of PUBG, see the one who has changed
I don't see much in OW、Basically 16:9I think there is no problem with。

Vertical sync

Related to frame rate。

Off recommendedis。

Triple buffering

Loads the video memory and speeds up the next rendering。

To increase the frame rateOff recommendedis。

Buffering mitigation

Setting to reduce mouse delay。

Because the delay is lessRecommended onis。

Sometimes FPS is disturbed, so
At that time, it seems to turn back once and turn it back on。

View performance statistics

Displays time, frame rate, etc.。

pingWhenframe rateIs displayed
There are many players。

Advanced Setting

Render scale

Reduces the render quality。



Haze on the screen
By lowering the render scale
The red frame of the opponent is highlighted。

50%Is hard to see until you get used to it
Some users play between 75%。

Texture quality

Basic low stability。



The appearance changes like this。

Lijiang TowerrainIs falling
In NepalBlizzard
HanamuraCherry BlossomsWait

You can enjoy it visually by increasing the setting.
Interfering with shootingBecause
Many players are turning off。

Basically lower to earn FPS。

Effect expression

The settings for light effects such as explosions.。

If you set it high, you may not see the enemy.
lowAre many。

Other graphic related

For other graphics, please see this video。

Basically we recommend low。


・ Reduced bufferingon
・ System clockon
・ Viewing angle103
・ Render scale75%~100%
・ OthersLow or off

This setting is the most easy to see and easy to earn FPS。

Other settings

Operation play

To see the situationFriend's life gauge is on
The default below is fine。

Game play

Target transparency/Respawn icon

The above two areWhen the opponent overlaps with the points
The other person disappears
It is recommended to thin it。

Player outline is unchanged。

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