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HOMEOverwatch columnIntroduction of carefully selected workshops that are most suitable for free time:Latest updates, etc.

Introduction of carefully selected workshops that are most suitable for free time:Latest updates, etc.

Introduction of carefully selected workshops that are most suitable for free time:Latest updates, etc.

Ideal for free time or waiting for a matchInteresting workshop summaryis。

Please note that this is basically a PT introduction.

Make your own custom game even solo
Full admission is possibleIf you do, people will come in

If you don't have enough people, try it.。

Interesting workshop summary

Here are some of the many。
If there are other interesting things, please use DM or replies on Twitter
If you send us the code, we will write it。

If you want to find Code yourself
Overwatch Workshop Codes
If you use the above site、An interesting workshop I haven't seen yet is sleeping。

Thomas the Tank Engine


Randomly chosen by the player during the time limit
Thomas(Reinhard)A game to escape fromis。

It's quite famous and has been posted overseas for a while
It was a hot topic on Twitter in Japan。

Survive the cars


On the road where cars of Oasis City Center pass
A game that runs to the tunnel so that you will not be run over by a caris。

Some characters can interfere with others, so
There is no doubt that it will be exciting if it is party play。

Run From Blackhole


A game to escape from the central black holeis。

Survive to the end while disturbing your opponent。

Genji Dodgeball

Lucio version:25DSM

It is a dodge ball that used the leaf return of Genji。

The only way to win is to keep the ball bouncing
When the speed starts to increase, bounce back to the opponent

When you approach the opponent with the second bounce,
You can win with a high probability because the recast will not be in time。

Sigma Dodgeball


This is a 3v3 Sigma Dodgeball。

Bounce back with a shift to resuscitate an ally
Very competitive and tournament level workshopis。

3It's definitely fun to do with v3, so please try it。



1v1 dedicated fighting game。

This is also highly competitive
There is no doubt that it will get hot。

It's pretty funny, so please try playing it。

Hanamura Parkour


More pro gamers in match waiting time
I ’m playing parkour.。

It ’s difficult, so it ’s frustrating.But
The feeling of accomplishment when you can clear it cannot be replaced by anything.。

Lucio Volleyball


When I was a studentThe spirit of compromisingAnd nobody
There must have been a phenomenon of not touching the ball ...

Can have the same experience。

Latest update(CC skill nerf relationship)

This is the update that came this morning。

Currently testing in experimental mode
I think it will come to Live as usual if it is as usual。

Road Hog

・ Ult knockback20%increase


・ ULT'sStanFrom 3 seconds2.5secondTo


・ Rockyknock downBut0.8secondFixedly

・ Cast time from 0.75 seconds0.65Reduced to seconds


・ For flash vansStun timeFrom 0.85 seconds0.7secondTo


・ Main attackFreezing durationFrom 1.5 seconds1.3secondTo

ULTFrom 5 seconds4.25secondTo


Sleep dartsFrom 6 seconds5secondTo


・ Bash'sStun timeFrom 0.75 seconds0.65secondShortened to

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