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Environmental survey of professional players:Device ranking / Average sensitivity / Latest app, etc.

Environmental survey of professional players:Device ranking / Average sensitivity / Latest app, etc.

It gets stronger when you change the device / environment ...

I've heard stories like that
This time we have summarized the environment of professional players who are active。

I think it will be helpful for those who are worried about devices and sensitivity。

Environmental survey of professional gamers

Listed in Overwatch Prosetting
We are counting the devices / sensitivities of Overwatch league players。

Mouse / keyboard / mouse pad used


1位 Logitech G Pro Wireless 53ticket
Quite a lot of players were using this mouse。
Professional players other than Overwatch often use it
It is a versatile mouse。
Logitech G Pro Wireless
2Logicool G903 25ticket
Although the difference in usage was almost half that of Gpro,
Many players were using G903。
Logitech mice were popular。
Logicool G903

Other mouse
Razer Death Adder, Zowie FK1 / FK2 / EC2-A / EC2-B, etc.


1位 Logitech G Pro Mechanical 53ticket
OW's hegemony device was by far the most
It looks like Logitech。
Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard

2Corsair series 38ticket
There were many K65 / K70。
Corsair series

3位 Razer BlackWidow Chroma 30ticket
Used by almost the same number of players as the Corsair series。
Razer BlackWidow Chroma

Mouse pad

I will omit the explanation of the mouse pad。
1位 Logitech G640 76ticket
Logitech G640

2位 Zowie G-SR 41ticket
Zowie G-SR

3位 SteelSeries QcK 37ticket
SteelSeries QcK series

Sensitivity used

The average EDPI of players by role

Mouse DPIx in-game sensitivity = EDPI

DPS player

Average sensitivity(EDPI) 5099

About 6.2 in the DPI800x game。

Vancouver TitansHaksal
EDPI24,400It was the most sensitive setting。

Tank player

Average sensitivity(EDPI) 7931

About 10 in the DPI800x game。

Ben Best of ParisEDPI is 20,862
Spark GuxueEDPI is 15,984
WaitUltra hygieneThere were multiple players

Average EDPI is quite high。

Same as DPS supportThere were many players near EDPI4000is。

Support player

Average sensitivity(EDPI) 4420

DPI800x About 5.5 in the game。

Washington JusticeArk
EDPI12,800It was the most sensitive setting。

Latest update

This patch is currently on the PTR。

Hero related

Ash / Doom Fist / D.va

Finely improved usability


Judgment during Kurio Fries with the wall。

Abilities will not penetrate、The line of sight of allies will also be blocked。

General update

Review of POTG judgment

Just hitting the opponent with Brigitte etc.
It was taken up as POTG

Review the scoring function so that more active players will be selected as POTG

Workshop related

Nighttime version added to workshop MAP


Within the shipButton to reposition basketballWas added。

Increase in communication wheel / type

sorry, Etc. are increasing

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