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column:Pick selection criteria / OW latest information / Recommended lectures

column:Pick selection criteria / OW latest information / Recommended lectures

Criteria for pick selection Attacker

Hero with a strong ULT

The worst thing for the attackerIt is
That the payload or points are not completely exhausted。

Having a strong ULT hero has a big impact on your win rate.

The lower the rate
It ’s easy to win a game where you get points to the end
It's easy to lose a match when the points stop halfway。

for that reasonZariaGraviton surgeGenjiSuch as the dragon sword of
1Use a hero that has a ULT that can move the battle situation with people

When standing around and practicing AIM, more than other heroes
Many games can be won quickly。

About strong ULT

Picks that complement the team structure

As pick criteria
Main tank-free(Ally or opponent、Depending on the map)
The sub-tank-Complementary personnel(Tank and DPS synergies、Depending on the other party)

DPS1-Carry personnel(Basically anything)
DPS2-Complementary personnel (Heroes that complement the weaknesses of teams such as McCree)

Support 1-Heel personnel(Ana, Moira, etc.)
Support 2-Cover personnel(Lucio etc.)
A stable composition in a rank match is like this
I think that。

For example, this is the structure

It is an ideal configuration that can complement each other。

You can often win just by using your favorite hero,
As teams come up with picks that can complement the weaknesses

You'll find out what picks are easy to stab。


The above configuration is not absolute、
A type of configuration called a templateis。

Although it is a strong structure that evenly destroys the weaknesses of the team,
Mailie par/Echo faraWait

Strong composition that sharpens the tasteis。

Compatibility with opponent's hero

Defense sideIs basically only to die
I can't change my pick and the respawn is far

Hard to change herois。

for that reasonThe attackeras
A hero who pokes through a hole in the opponent's composition
It is important to put out according to the occasion
Will become。

Instead of just looking at the opponent's composition and making a pick change
Also pay attention to the strength of the other heroTooth

Hero who can defeat the tank if the opponent's tank is strong
Hero that can stop the DPS if the opponent's DPS is strong

Rather than go to an influential hero
It's important to meta-hero your opponent's high influenceis。

Metal = measure

Criteria for pick selection Defense side

Composition without clear weaknesses

In a moment when you make such a configurationWeak against Fara
That will tell the other person。

Compositions with clear weakness are very weakis。

You can play a role in many opponents when constructing in defense
It ’s desirable to have a team of heroes。

Doom Fist
・ Flankers such as Tregen

Effective for such a hero
Coupled with my own carry performance

DPS frames often include McCreeI think。

Have ULTs and methods to stop the other party

How important the defense is to stop the opponent onceis。

1By stoppingCan give an area advantage in defense
It depends on the ULT of the other partyYou can stop for a long time

The worst thing is that all the bases go straight
1To stop turningStrategies and strategies to stop the opponent、ULT required。

Below are 1 to 3 introductions on how to stop the opponent


I think anyone can understand this。

Just kill and win。

As a way to kill
"ROHM"Or"Available area"With
It ’s easy to get killed.。

Use / match ULT

Try to win the round that uses ULT as much as possible。

At the stage of choosing a pick, "It's strong when combined with this friend's ULT."
It is easy to protect even in defense if you construct a structure considering synergy with alliesis。

Use a hero strong in defense

For example,Torubyon/Junk rat/BastionIs strong in defense。

Why is it strong in defense?
As a weak point of the above hero, it is difficult to take area
There are weaknessesDefense takes an area from the startSince the

You can push only the strength to the opponent、
1There are many patterns that become difficult when you lose the area and take the area.

1The strategy of selecting only the bases is very effectiveis。

Besides, isolate the opponent with a wall、ULT is also strongMeiYa
Defeat the opening of the opponentWidow MakerYaHanzo

Before OW is unified to damage roll
The role hero, known as the Defense, is quite defensive。

Tanks and supports
It is often decided by synergies such as DPS of the ally / opponent's pick。

Other question system

What is a strong hero right now?

tankIs basically strong
It often changes depending on the partner's DPS configuration / MAP。

DPSHas a lot of ash and mccree that can deal with a wide range of enemies
In games where hit scans do not appear, tracers, doom fists, etc.
Because the flanker system is rampaging、McCree is almost an essential pick
It's no exaggeration。

supportLike the tank, it often changes depending on the configuration of the other party。
If you sayLucio startsI see a lot of

Depending on the DPS of the opponent, such as Moira and Brigitte
It seems that there are many cases in which support is changed。

What is the strength of this MAP?

Often decided by MAP structure
Dive system that can be involved in hills if the map has many hills

Shields and hit scans for maps with many planes

A complicated MAP is a strong hero at close range
(Mei and Doom、Reaper, etc.)

Sniper if the map is open

Map structureWhenHero rangeWhen you compare
I think you will come to understand。

Touch various heroes on your own
It is desirable to be able to base this MAP on strong picks, etc.。

OW latest information

Abolition of hero pool?

Hero pool abolished for games with average rate less than 3500Done
222Only the lock will be implemented。

Master and abovePopulation was one year ago4% of the totalSaid to be

Because it is expected that it has not changed significantly、
96% of games don't implement hero poolIt will be。

Will be implemented from next update
Currently in preparation, from today until the next update

Pick pool has been abolished in all rate zones。

Next event

Next event is Anniversary。

2 weeks after usual、5/22.23Will be implemented per。
It is expected that there will be patches and hero pools will come in。

Anniversary is only once a yearAll item reproduction eventis
Don't oversell
It is important to collect dust from nowIt is going to be a。

Overwatchも4 years this yearNext to
Overwatch 2 will be available this year or next year。

Recommended commentary videos, etc.

Zaria course taught by active professionals


This is a Zaria course by Osato, who belongs to V3 DDT.。

Zarya is a hero that can be pretty transformed by the user
At maximum energy, you can generate more firepower than Damage Hero。

But if you don't know how to store energy
It's important to get a firm grip on the fire as it won't grow。

Most of the basics of Zaria are explained.
Must-see for anyone wanting to carry a tank。

Platinum belt rank commentary by active professional gamers


V3 DDT rrmy player's rank course。

Rank courses in the platinum belt, where the proportion of the population is quite large
How to carry / how to win。

Although there are many videos explaining heroes and movements,
The actual rank commentary video is very rare。

Everything from consciousness to carry method is packed, so
If you want to raise the rate, you may get something by watching it。

[OW consideration] New Hero Echo and Mercy's compatibility and operation


This is an echo study article by Mr. Clank of AE coach.。

How to use and operate echo, which is still a mystery
It will be an inspirational article。

Intermediate ~ Advanced、It is an article for those who understand OW to some extent
It's quite rich in understanding echo
It is an article you want to read once。

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