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Solo course:Stray Rank Tips / Rumor Information / Others

Solo course:Stray Rank Tips / Rumor Information / Others

I've summarized it as briefly as possible。
Many players unconsciously depend on passive attitudes and allies。

With a little care, you will gain carry power。

Stray Rank Tips

Give influence before an ally dies

The most conscious thing
The longer it takes to see the other person,

Allies are more likely to die。

It ’s important to keep up with the movements of allies

Take the initiative to hold yourself and always move from yourself
It ’s important not to be too passive。

Also, where the opponent is misplaying
fundamentally"Always on the front line"is。

Instead of waiting for the opponent's attack and staying behind
Invite a mistake by going ahead and damaging your opponent
Can be tied to a kill。

Ideally, I should be able to make a big impact about before rrmy's lecture video。

Don't let your ally die / cover

This is also important。

If your ally is targeted, let's cover it
AlsoOpportunity when an ally is targetedis。

Enemies aiming at allies do not make concentrated attacks on themselves
By aiming at that enemyHigh probabilityBecause you can create a kill with

If an ally is targeted, let's cover it immediately。

in this wayOpportunity when the opponent is aiming for an allyis。

Although DPS is used in the above example,
The same applies to tanks and supporters
If you can cover it immediately, it will be easier for a kill to occur.。

A good person says "Use allies」「Feed your allies
These things refer to the cover。

For the cover example, belong to the former professional team
Located at the top in JapanIf you look at Aleksey's delivery,
Because I know the specificsWe recommend watchingTo do。
Watch aleksey_ow's OW Otaku 4400 Increasing from www.twitch.tv

Choose an influential hero

It ’s important to use your favorite hero,

Meta character if you want to win
Also consider using seasonal heroes。

Overbuff usageSeeing
Top distributions on TwitchYou can easily see the hero of the current season by looking at。

Be aware of pick changes

More than I think
The battle situation changes greatly with your own pick change。

If there is a player who does not stop
If you change the pick to be aware of it, you can often win the game。

In particularMatch below masterIt is
Even if it was rampage at firstAnti-pickWhen
Many players get stuck。

FPS that can change characters during the match is very rare
If you can make good use of this feature, the winning rate will increase rapidly.。

Click here for picks:Criteria for pick selection


Speed ​​is life
(Act from yourself、Gimmick)

Do not miss the chance to kill
(At the moment when the other party is spoiled or when aiming for an ally, etc.)

Be aware of pick changes
(You will be able to win matches that you cannot win。)

Before the senseExperience is importantSo I tried many times
Based on what I did last timeBe aware that you will be stronger than you were。

Play time = strength is
If you think and play, time will not betray。

Common NG examples

Slow action

・ Do not go to the front to push for the first time

・ I can't go to a vacant area

・ Don't squeeze while taking advantage, etc.

Don't go forward

・ Excessively waiting for someone to start

・ Being afraid of being hit and becoming bearish

・ Wait for not pushing up to a certain line
(Basically you have to go forward until you push up to a certain line)

Area acquisition → Waiting will be established。
This is because the opponent has to regain the area, so the wait is established.。

From the first hand, it is a player etc. that the opponent thrusts by himself
If you can wait and win, wait。

Do not change pick

・ Do not try to deal with a strong hero

・ Do not change hero only because of your own AIM / Standing around, etc.

噂 信息 等

It ’s just a rumor。

Is the open queue permanent?

It is an open queue that has been implemented in the arcade since the other day.

The management team uses the open queue as a normal ranker
Considering whether to introduce、If it is introduced

Roll cue / Open cue

2One rank match is permanent or it is regularly replaced.
May apply。

Hero difficulty ranking?

User-created hero difficulty classification

Because of the difficultyEase of use rather than strengthis not it。

If there are many players with little play time
Simple characters are easy to stick

When it comes to advanced games with a lot of play time
A simple character has a hard time winning。

Moira's pick rate is actually high in the low rate zone, so
I think it's best to describe it as a difficulty table。

Recommended course commentary video

Thorough commentary on professional competition after implementation of hero pool!!【OWL】


This is OWL explained by Sabagod, a member of JUPITER。

Picking is also important, but professional judgment and strategy

What are you thinking
He explains things that I didn't understand.。

Strong position and movement
OWL commentary is often inspirational

When I watch it, I often feel like something。

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