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Search word Question Q&A Summary / Latest Update / Recommended Explanation Video

Search word Question Q&A Summary / Latest Update / Recommended Explanation Video

Search word Question Q&A Summary

What is a choke point?

Places that are often hit
Moreover, it means a place where it is easy to lose if it breaks through.。

Basically Hit point = choke point
There is no problem in recognizing this。

For example,
If Kings Row


A typical example is like this
I think I've got a rough estimate。

Who can win if used now?

If you're in trouble, take a look at Overbuff。
Overbuff usage

Last week's usage was like this。

In order to win
Use a hero with high roll usage
OrFind a hero that can beat a heavily used hero。

The latter is difficult, so if you use a hero with a high usage rate
Win easierI think。

I don't know the hero pick depending on the map。

Basically everything is fine。

On the map with many hills
If it has a big influence on the game, let's put out a character that can win it。

Than a hero pick by map
Opponent ofPick to win the same face-to-face heroIs more important。

(Character)Worried about standing around

(Character) world 1 Try youtube at

Probably overseas professional montage etc will come out。

In the summary column of most videos, the distribution destination of the professional such as Twitch is linked
You can see the movement directly by flying from there。

When it comes to standing around, it's almost absolute
I recommend watching the video and streaming。

What is your recommended hero?


Simple and strong。


Immediate wear and high power damage。
AIM power is needed, but other heroes
Because AIM power + standing power is required

Most of the above heroes are recommended because they can be solved with AIM power.。


Recommended because of its high impact。

Lucio is for beginners due to the difficulty of operation
InfluenceTo issue
You have to act at riskOften

I've removed it because it's often a match for my friends。

SimplicitySo to speak

By the way, in the latter half of the recommended video introduction

We introduce recommended hero video of professional player rrmy
Please use that as a reference.。

What is a dive structure?

Introduced in past articles。
Weakness and measures of dive configuration

→ Find the weak spot of the other party
→ surround
→ fly

By flying with tank DPS to the place where the enemy composition is weak
It is a composition that melts the opponent instantly。

It is a dive structure explanation by video。

What is pork composition?

This is also introduced in the past article。

What is pork composition

→ Pork to opponent from long / medium distance(Barrage forward)
→ Area capture / damage race(Take advantage)
→ Gradually fill up

One-sided attack from outside the opponent's rangeDo
We will gradually take advantage of damage trade etc.。

On the contrary, there is an infight configuration that concentrates on the contrary.。

Video pork composition explanation。

What is Echo's Anti-Pick?

McCree etc.Hit scan

If it is a tank, Winston's stickiness etc.

I think the most solid is hit scanning。

For overseas meta
Tracer / echoDive
(Disabling McCree)

Sombra / tracerDive

It seems that these DPS configurations are showing signs of fashion。

Latest update

General update

Make open cue / roll cue permanent

As was rumored the other day, two rank matches will be permanently installed.。

The next ranked match season starts on July 23rd


Weakened heel strength

On the Overbuff, the pick rate is just right, 37% of the first place
Nerf enters。


Increased heel strength

It ’s not that the pick rate is low,
Probably because of adding options to the user
Buff for increasing heel strength。


25% to 30% of discordant orb effect

Support usage lowest
Buff entered Zenyatta。

Orb buffs of discord
I have a feeling that it will be popular。

Moira&Junk rat&Bastion

Moira Major changes in performance
Changes in junk bus performance

Junkrat and Bastion always have lower pick rates
Since the pick rate is low, it is expected to change performance。

I can't predict why the performance of the moira will change significantly。

Moira itself has a high pick rate at low rates
Higher rates lower pick ratesSpecial herois。

I am looking forward to what kind of changes will be made。

Recommended commentary videos, etc.

Beginner recommended hero all role BEST3 by active professional gamer with commentary


V3DDT belonging rrmy playerBeginner recommended hero commentaryis。

First one、Rank less than master is more difficult than using difficult heroes

Master a beginner hero
Understanding the game is important。

Here, because we are introducing a hero for beginners with explanations
If you want to escape the low rate, please watch it.。

OW competition meta report vol.10


It is a competition scene metal report。

What kind of configuration is being used now
In the sense of deepening the breadth of composition and understanding

It's a video like a textbook。

If you are following OWL or are interested in the competition scene
Please watch it。

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