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Column for Intermediate:Reading skills to beat your opponent / latest update

Column for Intermediate:Reading skills to beat your opponent / latest update

I've made columns such as ROHM's visible ways to win

This time, the theory of mind approaches the core of OW、It is a reading skill。

The higher the player is, the better they read

Reading skills to beat your opponent

How to read

What is reading?

Is to anticipate the movements of the opponent。

By reading the actions of the other person and acting
The purpose is to gain an advantage。

It's a required skill as much as the area acquisition

Putting a reading level on interpersonal games
Occupy an important factor。

Reading benefits

By reading the actions of the next person

Make a superior choice in advance、Speed ​​up your actions。

For example, when a ball flies in reality
・ Suddenly a ball flies
・ I know from the beginning that the ball will fly

In this case, the latter is more advantageous in terms of selection.。

In fact, in reality many readings are used unknowingly
There are a lot of players who go unconsciously in OW。

Easy and difficult reading

ReadingEasy readingWhenDifficult readingTwo types of
Can be divided。

Difficult reading is difficult even for advanced users
Easy reading can be taken by anyone。

It ’s really easy, so let ’s be aware。

Easy reading

Think ahead of what you do

Think of your next action in your head
Take action if you have a vision that you can take advantage of
If you lose, you can pull there。

If you have a vision to win but lose
・ Missing one's ability
・ Not enough information
You can improve by doing reflection etc.。

This can be said for any hero any roll

If you don't know why you can't win, be sure to do this
If you continue this reading training, you will definitely improve。

The reason why this reading is easy is
Is to do。

For example,
・ If you attack Zaria with a barrier, Zaria will put up a barrier
・ Obtaining the hill with DPS, the opponent comes to a stop
・ If you aim at Ana, use an inhibition bottle at your feet.

(So if you decide what to do, it's perfect.。)

Etc. There are many easy-to-read actions in OW
Just be able to read this simple
I ’ll be able to afford to maintain the master。

Because it is possible to guide the behavior of the other party in this way
It ’s a very easy and powerful strategy.。

Difficult reading

Read the movements your opponent will make。

For example,
・ Secure the area that the other party will fetch
・ Hidden at the corner of the other party's path、Aim for ULT
・ Predict the ULT of the other party and respond to it
・ Predict the opponent's attack and counter it
Wait、BasicallyRequires OW skills and venues。

The advantage of this difficult reading is
The return on success is large per wave。

Easy readingReturn of the damage race、Good and kill
By reading it many times, we will advance the game advantageously。

Difficult readingReturns greatly influence the game
Kill with lowest returnIf successful, win。

HoweverSometimes difficult readings are read by othersFor
Counter reading counter etc.、As the rate goes up

The difficulty level goes up and you have to read the other side
Player skills will be noticeable。

In the lower rate band"reading"Because no player is coming
Difficult readings are easier to succeed、Running a game with a smurf or alone
Players are deciding difficult readings。

How to win a battle

I will briefly explain。

Win by reading

For the time being, the other person
Make a prediction about how it will work and see if things go according to that prediction。

Basically this is a stack、For my own behavior
By predicting the reaction of the other party

Inevitably the person will be able to win。

Take the initiative

The most important thing、
Take the initiativeThat means acting on your own。

You can guide the other party by hitting the beginningEasy reading"You can do

On the contrary, if you go backwards, it is a high risk "Difficult readingTo
I will be forced by the other party。

Create an advantageous situation

It ’s about the area and hate.。

Be sure to take open areas and hills
Be advantageous。

Let's go for a trick when you're not being targeted
It is easy to take a kill。

By creating a favorable situation, you can bind the opponent's actions
In other words, it ’s easier for you to read each other.。

When it comes to creating a particularly favorable situation for DPS,
The win rate of the match will increase significantly。


Moves in anticipation of actions taken by the other person / self

The movements of your opponent and your face-to-face hero
It is desirable to predict。

It is difficult to read the movements of all the opponents
FirstIt ’s important to be able to read the movements of your opponent。

Take the initiative

Let's move everything。

If you think properly, you'll be surprised
You can feel your progress。

On the contrary, if you wait for the reaction of your allies
When a friend misplays, he or she may be involved

It is important that you take the initiative first。

Partly because I can't force myself to read difficult

Latest update

Update content and personal impressions。


Biotic rifle

Recovery effect per shot75→70Decrease in


Recently the pick rate is too high
For the time being, there are many Ana projects, so I think it is appropriate.。

Since the position has not deteriorated and the performance has been lowered well
This is a wonderful nerf。



Sentry mode

Spread rate10%Decline

Until the diffusion rate becomes the minimum
The required number of fires6040 to 40Decrease in(Buff)

Repair mode
Gauge consumption rate20%increase

1The amount of recovery per second75From 90Increase in


I think it's a good buff because the pick rate was very low。
It's difficult to use with normal configuration

The fire surface and heel surface are strengthened and the assault is extended and
It seems that pirate ships using payloads will be quite raging。

Junk rat

Flag launcher

Increased bullet speed when bullets bounce

Concussion mine

Throwing speed20From 25Rise to
Reduced bounce when hitting an enemy

Total Mayhem

Time to detonate1Seconds to 0.7 secondsShortened to
The spread of the bomb50%increase


Reference Video

It's broken nicely。

The best buff。



Heel amount50 → 55 per secondIncrease in


Frozen 5 of Ana came here。

It ’s a little easier to get Mercy.。


Biotic Orb

Range of effect5m to 4mReduced to
Orb'sIncreased speed
Orb flight time10Seconds to 7 secondsShortened to


I can't say that nerf and buff are combined。

It ’s harder to avoid because it ’s faster,
Since the flight time was shortened、Than ever

It is likely that there will be fewer accidents with orbs flying from unknown locations.。



Discord Orb

Damage multiplier1.25x → 1.3x


I got a buff because the pick rate was low
Because it is insignificant, depending on the future usage rate

I think the buff will come in again。

Blizzard does not want to lose game balance
I feel that adjustments have been made very carefully these days.。

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