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All Hero Anti-Pick Summary:With simple explanation

All Hero Anti-Pick Summary:With simple explanation



D.va anti-pick

Basically it is difficult to take anti
Sombra and reaper are compatible disadvantages
Zaria goes through the DM
It is easy to be disadvantaged in MAP with few hills。


Winston Anti-Pick

As a dive hero, stay at the dive destination
In Fight Hero is an anti-pick。
It's pretty hard to be hit before you fly
Depending on where you standMacleayEtc. are becoming anti。


Orisa's anti-pick

The front is strong, but due to the specifications of the installation shield
The side becomes weaker

Therefore, high fire power comes out from the side
Heroes are prone to anti。
Depending on where you standMeiIs also added to the anti。


Zaria's Anti-Pick

There are relatively few anti-picks
Fire power comes from outside Zaria's range
Hero becomes anti。

In some casesDive heroYaSniper heroWill also be anti。


Sigma anti-pick

Because the short distance inevitably weakens
Infight heroes are all anti-picks。


Reinhardt's Anti-Pick

There is no such an antivirus because it is so versatile

MeiIs a pretty spicy anti-pick。

Wrecking ball

Wrecking ball anti-pick

Hero with CC
A high firepower hero with a huge blow is an anti-pick。

In particularSonburaDo not change pick
It ’s a hero I ’m not good at。

Road Hog

Roadhog anti-pick

Heroes with CC who hinder self-healing
Zaria covered with hooks is an anti-pick。



Ash anti-pick

Because there is only one escape skill, a highly mobile flanker,
Hit scan within the same distance is anti-pick。

Often becomes anti。

Widow Maker

Widowmaker Anti-Pick

I'm good at a long distance so I come to a short distance
Heroes are mostly anti-picks。

Hanzo will also be anti-same range hero。


Echo anti pick

Basically you can shoot during Echo's flight
Hit scan becomes an anti-pick。

When it comes to echo, the ULT of echo is better than anti
I think it ’s more important for heroes to have no problems copying。


Genji's Anti-Pick

With CC skills and Genji
A hero that can penetrate Kobashiri

Anti-pick is a hero that can stick to Genjiis。

Soldier 76

Anti Pick for Soldier 76

There is no clear anti, but McCree of the same range
I'm not good at flying doom fists。


Symmetra Anti-Pick

It ’s a tank that easily breaks the turret
The hero that can shoot from the range of Symmetra is anti。


Sombra Anti-Pick

There is no clear anti here too
It's pretty hard to get a hero that makes it hard to hack

Having a CC
When it comes to sombra mirrors, it's difficult to turn around。

Thor Bjorn

Torbjorn's Anti-Pick

The anti-pick is the hero that easily breaks the turret。


Tracer anti pick

Hero with CC is the main anti-pick。

In some casesThor BjornBut
Often becomes anti。

Doom Fist

Doomfist Antipick

Mainly CC heroes are anti。

If there is a reaper at the slum, it's easy to die, so
As a counter for Doom
ReaperThere are many situations where。

* I'm sorry I forgot to add the sombra。

Junk rat

Junk rat anti pick

1You can use heroes and balls that you can't win in v1
The sub tank that is erased becomes anti。


Hanzo Anti-Pick

Because my range is long range and continuous fire is difficult to work
The main anti-pick is a hero approaching at close range。


Bastion Anti-Pick

Sentry mode is the mainstay
A hero who can safely enter Sentry mode
Will be the main anti。


Fara's anti-pick

Hit scan and
The hero that can stick to Fara is anti。


McCree's Anti-Pick

There aren't many anti-picks here either

Aiming at McCree with multiple people is anti。


May's Anti-Pick

Mainly reapers with CC or invincibility are anti.。


Reaper anti pick

Heroes that can attack from outside the Reaper's range
Having CC will be the main anti-hero。



Anna's Anti-Pick

It is a sniper type that Ana and the ray are easy to suffer
Flanker system、Dva etc. that erases the inhibition bottle are anti。


Zenyatta Anti-Pick

All dive heroes will be anti-pick。


Batist's anti-pick

Heroes who get high firepower with a single blow
The hero that is out of range of the Immortal field is anti。


Brigitte Anti-Pick

Heroes who can shoot from outside Brigite's attack
Mostly anti-pick。


Mercy's Anti-Pick

Mercy lacks self-defense
Dive heroes are the main anti。


Moira anti pick

Hit scans that damage trades are hard to win,
Anti-picks such as Dva that sucks orbs。

1v1 against flanker is strong
If multiple people fly, you lose.
If your opponent is a dive, you need to be careful when you turn around。


Lucio's anti-pick

Not a battle hero
There aren't many anti-picks

Losing firepower purely
Weak against enemies shot from out of range。

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