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HOMEOverwatch column2020May latest information summary:Official information / reddit news / commentary lectures, etc.

2020May latest information summary:Official information / reddit news / commentary lectures, etc.

2020May latest information summary:Official information / reddit news / commentary lectures, etc.

Patch notes

General update

Addition of communication function

"I'm sorry" and "going now" etc.
A total of 26 Communication Voice Lines have been added。

Can be set from optional operation settings。


・ Report cheating、Added in-game notification when action is taken。

-Added a button to reset the basketball in the ship。

・ Re-adjustment of judgments selected for PLAY OF THE GAME。

Character update

I wrote about the impression of Nerve Buff last time.
Only the content is described。


Discord Orb's damage multiplier increased to 1.3x


Heal amount per shot is reduced by 5


The maximum zoom of the sight is now completed during the switch

I think you can see the difference by hitting repeatedly


Sentry mode spreading rate is reduced

Increased resource consumption in repair mode、Recovery amount increased 75 → 90

Doom Fist

Psychic slum

・ Changed to activate immediately by pressing and holding the button
-Changed so that the hit opponent can be moved in front of Doomfist
・ Accelerating time in the air has disappeared

If you try it, you can see the difference。


The function to maintain the AIM pitch even after exiting the MEC is back


Reduced the height of the hit box on the head

Junk rat

Please refer to this reference video、Usability has improved considerably。


Kriofries judgment changed to the same judgment as Icewall


Main recovery amount increased by 5 per second


Biotic Orb
・ Damage radius changed from 5m to 4m
・ Increased bullet speed from 16 to 20
・ Orb duration reduced by 3 seconds


I changed the height of the head and it became difficult for the head to be aimed from behind。

Official event information

Overwatch anniversary

Introducing new items including 5 legendary skins
Also、Along with that, all skins are being reprinted。

Period 5 / 20-6 / 10

Weekly Challenge is held for 3 weeks
You can get exclusive icons and skins by playing and winning 9 wins every other week。

A reprint of the past events that took place with Anniversary
It is held every day、Schedule
Some people have created it, so please use it.。

made by Caldoran@Caldoran

On Twitter is
#OW Art
#Over watch
Various illustrations are posted with hashtags such as!

Overwatch anniversary 2020 Special live broadcast

Excerpt from the official

In "Overwatch Anniversary 2020 Special Live Broadcast"
5/29(gold)、5/30(soil)、5/31(day)Through the 3 day broadcast、
2020We will tell you about the charm of Overwatch, which has reached its 4th anniversary in a year!

4th Anniversary Cup

"4th Anniversary Cup" invites four luxury teams
This is a single elimination, BO5 format competition.。

5/29(gold)And 5/30(soil)Qualifying one game at a time、
35/31 of day(day)We will play the final match between the two teams。
All the matches will be sent on the air, so stay tuned!

■ Participating team
D81 Fortuna

The real condition:Yoshi Iwasaki Tomohiro
Commentary:5/29(gold)、5/31(day) gappo3
Commentary:5/30(soil) hoshimi

Delivery destination:https://www.twitch.tv/playoverwatchjp

Delivery time:Full schedule 18:30Start from

Fan Art Contest held!

We are looking for Twitter header size anniversary illustrations!
Players participating in "4th Anniversary cup" from the illustrations gathered
The real condition:Yoshi Iwasaki Tomohiro、Commentary:gappo3、hoshimi selects 4。
And from the 4 selected, the Twitter questionnaire will determine the grand prize。

Application period
Application method
Upload your work on Twitter
Tweet with the hashtag "#Hapiani OW"
Banner 1500 pixel、500 pixels、PNG or JPG format
Grand Prize
Overwatch official Twitter account in Japan
It will be adopted in the header for about one month

Otherwise(Personally interesting news)

2020Overwatch overseas evaluation of the year

IGN who reviews games and gives ratings

Just recently re-evaluated 2020 Overwatch
10/10Full score ofI attached。

Just four years have passed since the release
I think it's a game loved by a wide range of people, including casual people。

Canceled migration?

The new FPS VALORANT is in fashion
Former Vancouver Titans Haksal
To pursue a professional career in OW

It seems that Overwatch will continue to play without transitioning。

Haksal is currently in OWL LFT
Haksal play may soon be available on OWL。

Recommended course video

The strongest doom fist lecture from Japan


Gleen Leaves belongs to hosimi
Doomfist course。

Skills etc.I think this is the best course for getting started with Doomfist。

Doomfist itself can greatly change the game
It is easy to carry the team because it depends on individual skill

It is difficult to move and it takes a certain amount of time to use it。

But once you get the Doomfist
It ’s going to affect the win rate

One of the useful heroes。

How about practicing Doomfist with this opportunity?。

All hero small skill course by active professional gamer (the first part)


V3DDT belonging rrmy player
It is a video of all heroes。

The contents are a practical assortment of tricks.
It's something I use unknowingly while watching

Many advanced people use it as a matter of course
Go on a trickRequired techniqueFeel like

I think it is a treasure trove that should be put into practice。

Why don't you try watching it?。

People in

Capture information will continue to deliver for the Overwatch player!
CS · PC asked not playing the Overwatch。
Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

Of people in Twitter

Posted list of some of the people in

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