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OWL second day configuration together SHDvsLONDON GZvsDYNASTY

OWL second day configuration together SHDvsLONDON GZvsDYNASTY

Been quite out hero different from the two days is the day day1
It was a very interesting game。
It has been found that high pick rate character ...
Here also Ya team even a little
I hope comes to information that will become for individuals。



As usualOrishigu + Doom stable
SHD isThe other day the same DIEM hit scanYou are out。
Well also serves as Farah measures。


It has been organized to clean ...
London is the strength of the meta-class Farah Doom
SHD has issued a Macleay against it。
In Farah excl.
Mercy of pick rate has been much higher。


Yes yes Orishigu ...! ?
That it is an attack we are each other dive
Will also is attacking side of the clan Ino tight that it Orishigu
222lock introduced after Shote Dva is the first of the game。
Since properly first base is taken
At first it better dive is more efficient looks good that it Hanamura ...

Watch point Gibraltar

We hired a dive consists of SHD only attack。
As usual YOUNGJIN has through the Doom Fist Edition。

Lee Jiang Tower

There's nothing to say。
Doom Farah strongest! Doom Farah strongest!
You have been hired Hammond in the garden。
Aim for mobility + Shote environment Kill
Hammond was I thought pretty that it is Ali because CC hero is not so much now。

King throw

London was only Orishigu BAN。Is a lie
Somehow I am nostalgic saw Orihogu after a long time。
The map of the game result is a draw。


Annual YOUNGJIN Doom、It does Mase This man shake。
I noticed in the day2 but I see from time to time the dive configuration
Basic felt as broke through in the partially dive consists of Orishigu。


3Brought up to v3 in the final map is Troy。
Configuration or will you still sediment signaling doom Farah ... meta
Ruin is for strong Widow Maker
London has appointed a Widow。

The match in London was won by 4 to 3。



Farah is gone ...! ?
In This match-up
It came in Leeper instead of Farah。
Because there are a lot of each other hit of the short distance in the control and there are reaper
Support it has been hired many Rushimoi。

King Slow

Reaper Doom is apparently heat likely ...
Support now and Rushimoi also King Slow。
Because to use the Rushimoi in Rankuma the degree of difficulty high feel
I felt a configuration is likely 違Ku feeling in the OWL and rank。

Horizon Luna colony

Farah or Reaper,Even if you think I Doom is less
As you may have
Hero is pretty garbled hero in the strategy of the team that。
While many Farah and reaper and Doom
I personally was glad to come out a hero who does not see much。


Yes、It has returned to the meta。
Personally FLETA is glad to do the hit scan。

Lee Jiang Tower

It is the annual construction。
Since the garden is a strong Farah
DYNASTY against it pick the Macleay。

For the Control Center it is hard to put out the Farah low ceiling
It has become with each other mirror configuration。
Farah is the map's and doom reaper stable of you will do not de ...


The final map is Aihenbarude、
Pick rate of Doom Fist is abnormal、
In addition, we understand that has come a time when each other hit in the fist。

The match is a win of DYNASTY。


day1 and unchanged I Orishigu did not often
I thought that was good because came out even Winston Dva。
DPS has Doom Fist + reaper or Farah
It has a pick rate of metaclass
Support is tailored to it Rushimoi and Anamashi、Anarushi is often impression。

The next league is a play off、
Schedule is as follows:。

next time
9/5 4:00Since it is a PM PT
When a Japanese time 9/6 of the morning 9:00I think that from(Sorry If I wrong)

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