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Let's look at OvewatchLeague!

Let's look at OvewatchLeague!


"OverwatchLeague" (aka:OWL) is a professional league of international Overwatch operated by Blizzard Entertainment。

Point should be noted

I'm do not know earnestly, "let's!" And what should I look at to say。
We introduce how to watch Recommended!

Find your favorite player

A number of famous players have been enrolled in the OverwatchLeague。
Of New York Excelsior belongs "JJONAKOf the "players and Vancouver Titans"ःAksl"Players such as、It is a player who often see on YouTube。
Find the professional players are using their good-favorite hero、Let's cheer the team to which the player belongs!

Find your favorite team

Each of the teams that belong to the OverwatchLeague there is a personality。
For example, "Paris EternalTeam that "is a team all members is made up of members of the former EU regional。vice versa"Philadelphia Fusion"Is a team that has attracted players from six countries。
In this way nationality "personalityThere is a team of "。
Other than thatapparelTeam have put a force on the、Our ownMain themeTeam Ya we have aYouTube channelIt is different, such as team that actively upload in private landscape。
PushingLet's support to find a team of "。

Looking at from the competition point of view

Players of OverwatchLeague not only individual skills、Cooperation between playersYou have to play at a tremendous level。
tank"When"supportThere is a dedicated support of "。
Not only to watch the vague game、
tank"And"supportLet's take a look at the players of "。

Way to see the OWL

You can watch in a variety of ways、
Here are some simple ways。


OverwatchLeague has signed a twitch and a partner contract。
Real-time delivery of course、You can also try an archive of up to a few weeks ago with the video。
AndAll-Access PassIf you purchase a (14.99 $)、
You can see the players of the personal point of view in real-time。
This is the privilege of Twitch limited


The YouTube channel will be able to see the video, which has passed an archive deadline of Twitch。
It is possible to see the image of a variety of genre to the other、
Please take a look by all means。

OverwatchLeague replay viewer

Updates will become after a few days of the game、
We can analyze the finely game because they can be seen in bird's eye point of view (third-person point of view) and personal point of view for each map。
Since the old game would go been deleted、Please use as soon as possible。

in conclusion

Play cards "Vancouver Titans」vs「San Francisco Shock"is。
The two teams are waging a hot battle from the regular season
Outcome also is a place such as upsides。
Let's hope the fight worthy of the Grand Final!
From next year, each team holding a home stand、
It will further show the upsurge。
Please have a look at the OWL in the wake of this article!

OverwatchLeague Twitch URL:https://www.twitch.tv/overwatchleague

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