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HOMEAssembly InformationAn over-watch open division practice season 2019。

An over-watch open division practice season 2019。

An over-watch open division practice season 2019。

Over watch open division and is

It is one of the tournament that Blizzard has been held。
The road to professional will be opened by win this tournament。
As a stream of professional and victory

Open Division← This is。※ does not go to practice because the trial this time。

Contenders trial


Pacific Showdown
Atlantic Showdown
The Gauntlet

The last three tournaments Ya
Players who leave the results in the WorldCup will be invited to OWL。

The contents of this open Division

Since this time of the open division is a practice season
It is not possible to advance to the trial also win
At a later date do play-off tournament in each region
Decide first place in each region。

Also、All games expired players from Blizzard
You get a special stamp that can be used in the game。

You can be proud just to have because it is rare!

Match selection, etc.

Over the six weeks if the annual street、Every Sat.、1 game on the day
A total of 10 gamesConductThe total number of wins of a large upper 16 team
Advance to the play-off tournament
To do。

Matchmaking basically about
Random to match follows the Win / LoseTooth
4Hits and wins 3 negative of the team if the same 4 wins 3 negative of the teamFor
As a fair match win is performed
It will be hit with more and more strong team。

best16 ofWinning guidePast of statistically is75-3is
6Win 4 negative but a dangerous、8If it wins 2 negative you can win in almost finalized。

How to participate

thisbattlefyFrom you can register。
Scale as the tournament is quite large
Because to compete a number of players from amateur to professional
It is to test your skills are perfect for tournament。

Register as soon as possible because until October 6 (Pacific Ocean daylight saving time)!

Held period
10Month 12 daysFrom the (Pacific Ocean daylight saving time)6Weekly every weekendIt is done。
11Month 23 days on the weekend of the (Pacific Ocean Time) is、
Of the double-elimination system in each region
It held a play-off tournament to determine the champion。

That delivery

In the weekly Saturday and Sunday and it is time this OpenDivision held
Each team tournament delivery is done in Twitch。
Most of Japan's powerhouse team to participate
Men also many powerhouse team of the same Pacific Ocean region

Very interesting to watch、It is a hot game。
Why not come try your viewing If you have time。

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