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OWWC 2019 trying to cheer wearing a uniform! & For Japan representative crowdfunding

OWWC 2019 trying to cheer wearing a uniform! & For Japan representative crowdfunding

Over watch World Cup(OWWC)And?

The other day、Grand Final of OWL 2019 is performed、
San Francisco Shock reblogged won the championship。
While this in OWL has human paragraph、The next will be held OWWC!

OWWC will reach the fourth yearNational tournament to determine the world's strongest teamis。
In previous OWWC、Korea has won the champion in three consecutive。

OWWC 46 team in 2019 to join、Team that won the qualifying
2019Large fan events of Blizzard that takes place in the year 11 or Month
BlizzCon 2019Go to the finals to be held at "。
Let's by all means support because also played Japan team!

OWWC official site
OWWC 2019 Details

OWWC uniforms

Official support goods in accordance with the OWWC 2019 has been released!
Put the cheering goods on hand、Let's cheer for Japan (favorite players country)!
Please purchase to check the size notation firmly!

Jersey – Japan (Japan uniforms)

Raw materials:Microfiber 100% polyester

Sales page

Pullover Hoodie (Parker)

price:$59.95-$67.95(2Increase from XL)
Raw materials:65% polyester 35% Rayon

Sales page

Blanket (blanket)

price:Standard:$44.95 Large:$64.95
size:Standard(127×152.4cm) Large(152.4×203.2cm)
Raw materials:Microfiber fleece 100%

Sales page

Women's High Waisted Leggings (women's high leggings)

Raw materials:DTY polyester 73% spandex 27%

Sales page

Of uniform other countriesClick here

OWWC Japan representative crowdfunding

OWWC 2019 is、It will be held in Anaheim from qualifying。
Therefore in order to collect such expedition cost of Japan representative players
CrowdfundingYOUR ongoing!

Although we target amount 2,000,000 breakthrough、Since the 17% commission of CAMPFIRE takes
Furthermore, is the need to support and include activities cost various of the domestic mobile expenses and local!
Period by all means If you are interested because the rest of about one week!

If you have any information about the OWWC in the future、Also let you know!


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