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[Column] of past competitions Pro scene、Current of the competition scene。

[Column] of past competitions Pro scene、Current of the competition scene。

Advice "Also recently become concerned about the old days of the professional scene I began to see a professional!
We the voice of the、And out Japan team are a number in the current OpenDivision
Because I thought that it was very timely to touch the competition scene
A professional team that has been active in the OW as beans knowledge or rather look back
I hope you can introduce。
Because it is likely to become long as the myth as a story
Sprinkled with the final of the famous competitionTempo we are well underway。

JCG Master 2016-2017 Winter Finals

Overwatch is the official tournament of the JCG that have been made in the year, which was launched。


SunSister Arancione vs Green Leaves

SunSister Arancione Roster

N1ght0wl players
Molis players
MAKA players
ZZneopon players
odenkun players
elu players
MoZart players

Green Leaves Roster

Noanoa players
gappo3 players
hoshimi players
Nypro players
XQQ players
retswise players


Victory of SunSister the end of the fierce fight by head-to-head as the game content
N1ght0wl players will defeat the monitor in the joy of victory
The had been raised to Twitter as the Play of the game
I think we gave the impressive memory at the time of the player。

Competition scene of this era Overwatch is explosion
The number of teams in so many JCGJoin the Japanese team number 60 team, etc.
No doubt I was ahead of the pack as domestic popular FPS。

Delivery Record

At the time of the video is here。When there is your time because there about two hours ...

Open Division 2017 Season 3 – Japan playoff

This timeCYCLOPS athlete gaming is definitely Japan strongestIs the
Three consecutive domestic tournamentwas doing、So happened is this historic battle。

CYCLOPS athlete gaming VS Naturals Hokkaido

CYCLOPS athlete gaming Roster

Ynnnnnnn players
ta1yo players
SamuraiD players
Six 6935 players
Yoz players
CLAIRE players

Naturals Hokkaido Roster

Skyfull players
dante players
albert players
BATA players
Sabage players
Royal players


CAG in GroupStage has won the N north
Everyone was always thought as CAG is that it is winning
HoweverN North rainy day surprise ending that occurs play-off victory at 4-2
A'll pretty strong N north is also not in one little CAG have this 1
Many fans were excited about。

Delivery Record

Here There are also about three hours, but there is at Daibumeta、
Everyone is impressive that did not complain to the meta from the degree of completion of the meta。
To view the [JP] Overwatch OPEN DIVISION JAPAN Season3 Grand Final of playoverwatchjp from www.twitch.tv


Overwatch Challenge Cup 2018 Winter Offline Finals

Again finals CAG VS N North

As if it fulfills the revenge of PlayoffThe winning of the CAG

CAG will then proceed to the Contenders
N north Finally, we pause Overwatch department team activities this tournament。

CAG is and say whether it was theContendersProceed to the
Victory total second place in the Pacific powerhouse professional teamLeaving a brilliant performance that
Finally, we pause Overwatch department team activities Contenders。

Around this time the domestic professional team is one after another pause、
Etc. to migrate to other games or to retire even amateur players

Everyone thinks that the competition scene ends
Then now less likely to be hit in a while the competition scene is the day。

League commentary

When you pass through the play-off tournament the OpenDivision
You can advance to the Overwatch Contenders trial、
And win the trial can advance to the Overwatch Contenders、
And win the Contenders、
It is possible to advance to the final league such as the Pacific Showdown。

Also、Player who was active in the Contender and final League
It often is because being a scout from OWL team。

just now

Professional scene

At present we have to pause gathered many original CAG
A solid ability was demonstrated regrettable withoutJupiter

Gathered dominating by members had also originally the competition scene
Was Noboritsume until Contenders in recent yearsGreen Leaves

Most in the tournament best3 more
Have a stable ability D81 Fortuna

3 team of the above ran the leaders of Japan competition scene
It is quite a lot of players have been selected in the World Cup preliminary round。

Also、Increasing number of people to support a professional team
Has a lot of fans gathered in the delivery
Is I think than a very good trend as a professional scene。

10Month of the current professional team list

・Green Leaves
· D81 Fortuna
・V3 DiabloDeathTouch
· ater

Athletic layer

Japanese competition scene population has created a data can be seen at a glance whether。

OpenDivision Japan number of teams

Past three times in the Open Division in addition
The far right of the graph is the OpenDivision current competitions now、
We clearly increased Japanese competition scene of population。

Also I do not have competed in this time of OpenDivision、
There are also several teams that have been working as a new team。

If we activated regardless of the country abroad is increasing Innovation this remains Jiwa
Future of Overwatch might be bright。


Reflection articles of the competition scene is the first time
Will clumsy part many show me、There is no excuse。

Yourself CAG,N when the north has suspended activities
Although the competition scene I have thought that desperate or
Recently I felt like quite back to life in the
I'd like to calm。
It is very nice The more population remains the competition layer of now flow。


The first one

I agree、For professional team that is currently activities
Because we are summarized in this article, but more it could not be summarized

Also、Of OW professional team which is working currently in Japan in the near future
We want to create an article that summarizes the players and more!

The second

Practical techniques of Mercy is frankly "Vertical jump"is。
Murthy as the technique this only in、
How to live is、It will become a good Mercy of key。

If so literate vertical jump
Will Nashi glance definitely be placed from around!

Way video

Mercy of good distributor player

Xeraphyplayer(Japan top professional support)

Check it out because the transition from the delivery site Twtich to Mildom recently。

Vale(Mercy OTP all season TOP500)

People in

Capture information will continue to deliver for the Overwatch player!
CS · PC asked not playing the Overwatch。
Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

Of people in Twitter

Posted list of some of the people in

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