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11Month 6 days update information together

11Month 6 days update information together

This time we introduce summarizes the updated information that came the other day!

PC version only updates

New options:High accuracy of the mouse input

When this option is ON、Portrait of a mouse that you are using at the time of the viewpoint movement(Seconds of reading the number of times)To apply theIt looks like the。

Rival Play

Season 19 start of the season than、The end
Change on Thursday of every other month from the day of the bi-monthlyIt will be。

Season 193:00 am Japan time on November 8 FridayIt is scheduled to start from。

From the season 19
Map pool system to rotate the map for each season
There will be introduced。

In all21mapFrom among a、
3 map for each rule、total12mapElected to the
Style to continue to rotate for each seasonIt will be。

Map that has not been appointed, appointed by the rival play season 19

Map that has been appointed

- Vaulx-en-Odessa Industry
Temple of Anubis
- Hanamura

King Slow
- Aihenbarude

Ray Kou Tower
- Busan

Watch point Gibraltar

Map that has not been appointed

Horizon Luna colony

- Blizzard World
- Nunbani

- Troy

Jean Car Town
Route 66

Hero change

MeiIce Wall、BaptisteImotariti field of、
sigmaIt is of the gravity flux
Priority is given to the edge of the building of the corners and fenceIt was now way。
Without permission will look like stick to the corner like a grapple of the Widow。


Probiotic launcher

Recovery time(Time to come out the next bullet)But0.45Reduced from seconds to 0.36 seconds

And erasing of random diffusion。Fly bullet to the street in sightSo as to。

Damage attenuation is the distance to start20Extension from m to 25m

Thor Bjorn

Morten core

- required to activateThe cost reduction of 10%


That's the major changes of this Apude。The nextSimultaneous search of multiple game modes in ApudeYa、Deathmatch during the match searchIt is fun because apparently so that it is!

Over Shin Te

Over a new Te over watch love Man。

And easy-to-understand I will do my best to write a useful article!

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