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event information:Bastion of block Challenge

event information:Bastion of block Challenge


"Bastion of block-Challenge" is being held until October 1!
Play the game、To watch the delivery、Bastion for Legendary skin of the new appearance "block"New items of LEGO themes, including(Total 12)The Get it!

Reward of in-game

Quick Play、Rival Play、Depending on the number of wins of Arcade、You can get a new item of LEGO theme in the game。Player icon、spray、Bastion for Legendary skin of the new appearance "block" Get it!

The remuneration of the "Bastion of block Challenge" is、In addition to the usual remuneration obtained by playing the arcade、You can earn an additional。

Remuneration of TWITCH DROPS

In accordance with the viewing time of the target Twitch delivery、You can obtain more new items of LEGO themes。Trying to get the icon and the spray that was the theme "block challenge of Bastion"!


To earn these rewards、By linking the Blizzard account and Twitch your account in advance you need to be able to receive the Twitch Drops in。Link page of TwitchLog in from、Please in cooperation。

Delivery schedule of the target

Twitch Drops of the "Bastion of block Challenge" is、You can get to watch the Twitch channel of interest to the date and time of the following delivery。

Distributor Distribution date (Japan time) Channel
Valkia 9Month 18 days (03:00 – 11:00) twitch.tv/valkia
BrickinNick 9Month 19 days (03:00 – 9:00) twitch.tv/brickinnick
Grant 9Month 20 days (15:00 – 03:00) twitch.tv/granthinds
Zondalol 9Month 21 days (15:00 – 22:00) twitch.tv/zondalol
Laetejhun 9Month 21 days (22:00 – 24:00) twitch.tv/dlxowns45
WantedOW 9Month 22 days (22:00 – 28:00) twitch.tv/wantedow
Daniikills 9Month 24 days (11:00 – 14:00) twitch.tv/daniikills
Larihmage 9Month 25 days (04:00 – 10:00) twitch.tv/larihmage
YongBongTang 9Month 26 days (20:00 – 23:00) twitch.tv/itopicy
Drth7 9Month 27 days (13:00 – 17:00) twitch.tv/drth7
Fptifn 9Month 27 days (22:00 – 24:00) twitch.tv/ppatiphan
T_Sven 9Month 28 days (21:00 – 29:00) twitch.tv/t_sven
Fenner 9Month 29 days (22:00 – 28:00) twitch.tv/danielfenner
Tyr0din 10Month 1 day (12:00 – 16:00) twitch.tv/tyr0din

Because such as Legendary Skin "block" is set is different sound effect from the normal、Please try to ask to get it!

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