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HOMEOverwatch BulletinCollect the Overwatch latest information、Site collection you want to come reference If you study

Collect the Overwatch latest information、Site collection you want to come reference If you study

Collect the Overwatch latest information、Site collection you want to come reference If you study

The primary is this time the information is born,2Or become the next source source
Research and tactics、
We will introduce the easy to get the latest information site。

A useful site to study the Overwatch


page statbanana


Rests the full map of the huge Overwatch with high image quality
Tactics contributed to us greatly to such planning in the team。

Although the free not only see map
Per monthPaid planBy entering the
You can add a pen and character to map image。

Of free software is the same sort of thingepic penBut it is possible to carry out
Also it will not be a problem for free。




This site Overwatch whole of statistics is being collected。
Or you can compare yourself and the world by putting their own ID。

Also、as mentioned above
In the current environmentWhich hero is the pick rate high
Which hero do best winning percentage high ofSuch
Because it is riding one way on the meta and data
Data collection now of environmentIt would be perfect site to。

※ is not taken data of KOs privacy of players

OWL OWWC Replay Viewer

Game within the main install PC version


It is not in the site, but you stood in the very role。

Also be able to see the highest level of the game many times world
Or helps the understanding of the movement the way now of meta
Why this team has taken such a movement, etc.

Not allowed to write in order to deepen the understanding of the Overwatch。

State of Japan vs Italy

Be careful at the time of use
For development of the game is very fastSpeed ​​x1.00In the eyes no longer keep up
It might only be impressed that "soooo"
Or to x0.25 if you use in the name of research
the sameReview the scene many timesIs the trick to the deepen the understanding of。

It helps to collect the latest information site for Overwatch




It is one of the largest of the bulletin board outside the country。
Of new character leaks and consideration
Ya discussion of tactics、Good play
Sometimes, such as the development team and OWL players like to come out in the discussion

Have been calling every day is that related to information of the future of the Overwatch。
Hear is nice
Because there is that the amount of information is also mixed information of enormous + dummy
Consider the extent to keep in mind。

in this way、now
Mercy of the novel、New Skin
ping information change of Overwatch
Information might hit is like
It can be moved information, and the like of the player also in the eyes。

Also、Important leak information of Reddit is

If domestic

If foreign
Naeri x 나 에리's@OverwatchNaeri

Because the people of the above is me well together
Loss to follow-up if the person who is doing the Twitter I do not think。




Competition Information and Transfers information of Overwatch competition scene around the world
and、Players of birthdays and personal profile, etc.
It is clogged all things related to the competition scene。

To the top page if this season
Information of OWWC
OWL2020 information of
Transfers information
Players birthday
Etc. have been published。
Because even in addition there is quite a lot of content
Team Ya was a member in front of the OWL player
To examine the team like that out in the Open Division of the current held in the
It is the perfect site。


page d3watch


The page that I am allowed to introduce the aboveAll EnglishBut what is
Among themImportant thingYaLarge leak informationThe
Japaneseso! MoreoverIncredibly fast
Us to deliver to youBest sitesis。
It has well-taken care of。

Go to visit overseas page on your feet if you want to examine a lot of information on their own
Carry your feet on the D3's if you want to get a large leak information feel free to
It is just a perfect Overwatch information life。


If you're doing Twitter
Overwatch formulaI think that hope to follow。

Also、wosp's blogYa
Recently AKIHABARA ENCOUNT belongs Solo's is
blogI think also quite helpful。


When the game of win or loss resulting in a non-meta in important tournament
Win the level of understanding, etc.、But you have to supplemented where invisible
For difficult、The meta configuration is large, I think that there is no way。

When is the Open Division team
Dive configuration of SABAGOD DAISUKI
In addition to the、Love Haruzari
Reinhardt + ZariaFight in Most
Is What team which mainly use the configuration other than the meta per。

With respect to the La Plus in this week's Open DivisionMultiplied by the best16
Important battleWe recommend viewing by all means because it is。

People in

Capture information will continue to deliver for the Overwatch player!
CS · PC asked not playing the Overwatch。
Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

Of people in Twitter

Posted list of some of the people in

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