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HOMEOverwatch BulletinThe highest rate 4426!?Coverage to active duty professional gamer! Rate of up styles and practice methods…

The highest rate 4426!?Coverage to active duty professional gamer! Rate of up styles and practice methods…

The highest rate 4426!?Coverage to active duty professional gamer! Rate of up styles and practice methods…

This timeThe main tank of the domestic highest peak
D81 FortuNa player belongs AliveIt will be the interview article to。
From become stronger way to how to raise the rate
Everyone has heard that anxious!

※ it is as it is written remarks following Alive players

Question corner

Please introduce yourself

Alive:D81 FortuNa is belong Alive。
Highest rate4426
Good roleMain tankis。

Are you game thinking what?

Alive:Well ... whatever it during the match ...
What I also do not think www
If by force say、The positional relationship between the position and your position of the enemyis not it。
As it is a Winston、When was I opponent of the Widow is in the hill
In and Widow invisible to the opponent's Widow
Toka positioning, such as fly in one jump ...
Do not wasteful hit、
We always thought the position up that can want to do their own。

Do you go Glamorous Once you have it?

Alive:Huh、You go in the room w

Please tell me the use of far from ULT

Although I think that there is quite reluctant trend I diamond Toka players
How do you correct answer is to use where I went?

Alive:That I believe personally、
Use at the timing that can carry only in their own ULTIt is that、
Recently I have been much thinking about this。
For example,Kokasu everyone in the ULT of ReinhardtAnd
Washable everyone in WinstonAnd
I use in such situations。
Win by simply pressing the Orisa if frontIt is Toka timing。

I think it is pretty difficult?

Alive:It is quite difficult ne w
Since quite strong When you are ready to but myself is doing。
1It uses If you think could win even if dead ally much people。

Do you ULT is I suffer to how much?

Alive:hold, hug2Wave is a limitis not it。
It is safe to use in the use timing。

Do you say be also used to Toka for a single partner?

Alive:I think that at all good!
So because the wave can win and be the number difference
There is no problem with Don Don If you move the love peris!

About how to raise the rate

Alive:C'mon C'mon、ww doing most weak Toko

What do you think I I I think that fast that partnering PT best?

Alive:But I'm think that does the same as Nora also teamed PT ...
Safe to Toka DPS Sapotan at Toka 3pt if we partnering PTI wonder if
Well, there is a good theory Okya doing Orisahoggu in PT you were now!

Is that okay to come sigma to partner?

Alive:Eventually implementation's a beginning、It does not come out Sigma good in diamond masterFrom
Leading easy theory that more is increasing rate of accustomed are Orihogu is the best!

As conclusion?

Alive:Without defying the meta in partnership PT
Safe to the configuration of the template street!

Become stronger way

Alive:Become stronger way? w
Konasu number、the above!

Please tell me the way to practice

Alive:I went a while ago1Toka to carry in humansThat of
Always to play while thinking!
Not'm looking for roughness after allyWhite play I think that he is always bad!

And Toka regret later?

Alive:In the next wave After the chat Misushi
Wonder if careful not to make the same mistakes。

This pretty important。
The match ending Kirikaero feelings I next than remorse!

1Please tell me the play time of the day

Alive:6I wonder if much time ...

How much do you get better When you play every day?

Alive:While I am thinking that I have said until now
1Become well do it day 6 hoursI wonder if not it

Do you are doing how much other FortuNa members?

Alive:Galaxy and Aleksey are you doing about dangerous
Do Is not you doing all the way Toka Aleksey

Do I get a difference in the horse is in the play time?

Alive:It's Japan and South Korea Once you have a good example
Because doing like a Korean play time Bakemon
Good to the player many
If you think itQuite the difference is out in the play timeI think I wonder if not it

Have you want to say to the people of the master and diamonds?

Alive:Come up fast!
I think I wish I polished the basic character Con Toka hand skills!
Toko washable your opponent in Orisa Once you have that it is a good example Toka drop
I think that is coming up here, do it with the feeling that to carry all by yourself!

Player information

Name:Alive @ASIANHOPE_Renpi
Team:D81 Fortuna@ D81gaming
Age :20
First Nova -CKJ -OW Community Vol.1 #3th
Hero of Destruction -CKJ -OW Community -Vol.2 #3th
2018 Overwatch Open Division Season 3 – Pacific #9th
Cosmic Knight Japan challengers Vol.1 -CKJ -OW Community -vol.4 –#1th
ZOTAC CUP Overwatch Community Tournament #9 – Asia #2th
2019 Overwatch Open Division Season 1 – Pacific #5th
Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 1 Trial s: Pacific #4th
2019 Overwatch Open Division Season 2 – Pacific #2th


I wrote the interview as the first planning this time。
1A glance is the main tank of the domestic strongest class
I was allowed to interview to Alive's。
Quite a lot to think in nature ranked match of the main tank
To use your head、
I think whether or like to become part reference are thinking of what is often。
In order to increase rate
You do not have to carry on without dying minimize the hit
It was found that well。
I think it applies to all of the roll。

Because we would like to series of
I heard such questions I want you to have is looking for regardless roll!

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