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HOMEOverwatch Bulletin[For novice and intermediate users] how to win face-to-face that does not lose absolutely Orisahoggu basic and

[For novice and intermediate users] how to win face-to-face that does not lose absolutely Orisahoggu basic and

[For novice and intermediate users] how to win face-to-face that does not lose absolutely Orisahoggu basic and

Even win the Winston and Reinhardt
The person who wins the way of face-to-face is not known
I think it exists not a little。

This time, boasts the current environment high pick rate and the probability of winning
We will explain the Orisahoggu。

Basic tactics

Aim the Wanpikku throwing the hook in accordance with the stop of Orisa

Uses to pull the opponent on when the opponent is in the Tateura
If as hidden obstacles to withdraw from the obstacle
The throw to the side is the trick。

Since the cool time of the load Hogg of hook that together with the stop。
Try to ascertain whether or not there is another skill。

The main abilities


Timing to throw a stop

For it never hurts to throw many
There is desirable to use for each if you can to recast。

How to use

When you raise above their opponents with-shield face-to-face
• When your opponent to catch come to dive
• When the side to catch the enemy, which has taken the
· Run away to catch so that it does not escape the opponent
- so as not to escape the isolated enemy
· Tekigai throw to the likely location(Clearing)

in this wayThrow a stop if Coarsely chanceMovement is very strong。

Road Hog

Timing to throw a hook

Because even too early dont be too late
The best timingthere is。

Just before the stop is attracted to activate

In this way when the stop is triggered

It is attracted to the trigger point、Because the hook is that there is a delay rather than immediately wear
Would that it after being attracted opponent starts to fall or move
It may not be applied successfully。
It is attracted Therefore opponentIn front to go to the apex
Throw the hook in just under a little bit of stopBy
You can grab the opponent with a high probability。

The strength of Orisahoggu

Wanpikku ability and firepower

It can not be in the other tank
In combo of stop and hook
You can take one after another easy kill to tank
But to do so it is essential to cooperation and skills management of the two tank。

Also、Both the main both the main and load Hogg of Orisa because there is a thermal
Not to be outdone in the shield split in Hult and Winston opponent
It is possible to push the front line just by shooting。
Since the silo is a terribly important
Always let the shield split if do Orihogu。

Impregnable fortress

Orisa is put the 900 health of the shield to every 8 seconds
FortifysoHalf the damage of opponentcan
on the other handRoad Hog also possible to use the take A breather
While to recover the physical strengthIt is possible to halve the damage received。

thisTwoTogetherHave a half damage skillsThat the
This ho considerable endurance
Also short cool time of the barrierBy
It can be a long time Isuwaru in front。

And durability force as a tank
High fire
- Wanpikku ability

That combines all well-balanced is the configuration that Orihogu。

Standing position of Orisahoggu

The attacker

Capitalize the stop hook combo while taking the distance between the opponent
Standing position is important。

in this wayFirst up position and the hook reaches the position is safe
Movement is the best that go before depending on the movements of the opposing。
Stable it takes a person who go less safely hit with respect to the root。

Defense side

Also defense sideWithin range and the hook combo、2Capitalize the people of firepower
like this

It is desirable such standing positionTo raise or lower the front to see the war situation
Each other per a long period of time is performedYou can also decide how many times the hook combo。

Without dying、Divide the shield、Decide hook combo。
The 3-point becomes important。

Orihogu pair Orihogu

BasicallyDefense favorableis。

Defense sideAnd put the shield from the beginning
The attacker does not go and does not use a shield to fight the peer-to-peer

Defense sideStill because there is no need to put the shieldShield of one minute
It has the advantage。

Also、Defense side is the basic ambush can shoot in advance shield because only
It is also a defense advantageous reasons easy to crack the shield of the attack side until closer。

SHORT DESCRIPTION attacking side

ObstacleUse the well
Let's closer to the distance that can stop combo。
Become vertically divided confrontation and for strong is better over the next
This has become important to determine the early stop combo than your opponent。

To watch the small fish of Orisa dedicated of yokoyamaow from www.twitch.tv
It is a scene of the leading Orisa Tsukai "Yokoyama" 's attack in the country。
While avoiding a hit with obstaclesUses the shield and stop at the same time when the launch
We have succeeded in launching earlier than the opponent。

Also、For Shote is importantRoad hogUnless such a sure catch situation
Hook will be very important to leave to preserve。


While the shield split of opponent
Similarly attackIt is desirable to determine the combo earlier than your opponentis。
Draw Once bought tough for the defense side is not always necessary to put at the forefront、Let's try to press if can press situation。
To watch the small fish of Orisa dedicated of yokoyamaow from www.twitch.tv
This is also a scene of Defense's "Yokoyama"

The attacker has been the same kind of movement as described above(Shield + stop)
But against it returns at the same timing
Has drawn taken a temporary disadvantage in May of wall。
However, by hitting a second time of stop combo faster than your opponent
We succeeded in returning a good wave take the Wanpikku。

In addition, as of the moving imageAlso durability while lowering frontAlso the fact thatVery importantis。

Both also can be said

Stop combo Let gimmick faster than your opponent。
Let's take as much as possible stop using Don Don。
Let's stop to use the Fortified with unnecessary Toko。
The absolute shield split
I'll be the VC if you can
 (Orisa the timing to shoot a stop
Whether there is a load hog hook)


OrisaWhenRoad HogIt isPresence, such as a coupleis。
 OrisaTo make it easier to catch the load hogThrowing one after another stop
 Road Hog places reserved for stop the hook
Try not to escape the enemies who caught much trouble



Anti-pick of Orihogu

Shield can not be moved
For Orisa

Mae and Reaper will be considerable anti-pick。
Due to the wall of MeiDividedYaRays Hidden
It is very troublesome to have a partner。

Or asked to out the Farah to ally If you bought too tight
You will need to have moved to the DPS instead of the tank carry。
DPS Let's firmness the easy to move a minimum of front。


What did you think、I am pleased if you could vote a little。
Difficult and will sentence format、Because had it only shortened to explain part of the foundation
I think there is a place that has been Hashora。If there are any questions@NaviOverwatchUntil
And enjoy a direct message、Please let me answer。

The good people of delivery and for the movement is quite helpful
I'd love to、Who let me pick up in the articleYokoyamaAble and Mr. delivery only
I think that I was writing comes into clarity head。

The relevant page is here。
Orisakyara Description
Road Hog character description

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