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HOMEOverwatch columnOf whether the population was reduced in the column [English translation] 2019 Overwarch?

Of whether the population was reduced in the column [English translation] 2019 Overwarch?

Of whether the population was reduced in the column [English translation] 2019 Overwarch?

2019Of whether the population has been reduced year Overwarch?

Although players will not want to know the active population、
Blizzard is an over-watch
It does not announce the statistics of the number of people who are playing。

The latest figures"Month more than 40 million players."Is the
This was based only on the number of sales。
The numbers only sales do not expose the active number of people
It was not intended to satisfy the over-watch fan。

Player of the many over-Watch、
It is often game"Dying"I have to say、
Also part of the people you would want to try their own ideas。

Unfortunately, events of Overwatch

First-person shooter game with a competitive
Free content(New skins and events)In spite to provide a、
Many of the players、
I feel not enough to satisfy the majority of players。

"We waited a year for 20 minutes content of literally"、
1 users of Twitter is、
Was anger in Storm Rising event of Overwatch。

4Has many players agree with this sentiment in the month
1People of the fan has pointed out the personal dissatisfaction with the events of Reddit。
Therefore、They are
We are some of the reasons why that was disappointed in Storm Rising event。
This includes、Easy or short game mode is much
And in the eventIt is supposed to be the story is revealed
Despite being the main focus of the archive、
It is Lord did not reveal most of the information。

"Why I do not even know what these heroes have been chosen。
What was there why to Genji was the Black Watch?
If it had been with the Black Watch、Why Macleay is not?
How are you is Reinhardt? "They asked。

The original poster Ya、
Player is about heroes and their back story
I did not actually find new things、
"Chase the truth."That
I felt catchphrase is ridiculous。

"My biggest disappointment、
Blizzard is the last of the Archives event (Les Tobi solutions)since
It is to continue to recycle the old events all year round

And、They will give the same event to us ... do not understand ... "
Another player is told。

This disappointment is
Over watch it is felt even when you release a summer game。
Was the Olympic and sports-themedMany of the skin
Recycled from previous events、
Lucio ball againthe onlyIt was added game play mode。
The changes、Arcade mode
Only some of the new elements
It does not have so much added to the other。

Some of the players、And added Torbjorn skin
That it is still content free、
It boosts the Overwatch in order to protect the game。
But for many people
It just or excite them
It does not seem to be sufficient or to activate。

2019Of whether the population has been reduced year Overwarch?

So、From all of the seemingly unfortunate events、
In fact one would have fewer people who are playing the game?

Blizzard is still refused to reveal the exact number
Game developers have revealed the details in a conference call last November。
They are、Are some of the numbers of the major games, including an over-watch
It said they are flat or decreasing。

However、Though they are to worry about
I pointed out that was not a sufficient reduction。

To begin with、The game is 3 years ago。
As the months and years went by、
Is not uncommon to lose most of the game are some of the hot air。

Let's spotlight to Twitch、
1Month of game viewers but was only 19,000
Thanks to the over-watch League and other variables、
Over watch is back to average 34,000 viewers in the past 30 days。
This、Now watched the game in the ninth in the period in Twitch。

Some fans、Number of listeners have seen an over-watch、
The number of people who are playing by yourself
It is quick to point out that it is not shown。
(Not 34,000 people have been 34,000 people play just because looking)

Also、During the broadcast of over-watch league
Blizzard has spent a lot of time in order to increase the audience of trust、
It is also the fact that in particular provide a game in the currency to the viewer
It is left to turn on the stream in the background、
You can benefit from this effect。

Whether the players over the watch actually are many people is still unknown
Recently it seems to be a slight decrease、
Game is the claim that "dying"
It does not seem to be still enough to support。


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