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Tips that can be used a little for beginners only

Tips that can be used a little for beginners only

This time, towards the beginner
I think let's write about bits of knowledge that was not surprisingly known。
We will introduce to a small story from the ones that can help to combat。
Please go to remember means because I think that sometimes did not surprisingly known!

Earth Shatter Reinhard penetrates the payload

PayloadSince the delicately floated from the ground it does not become an obstacle handling
Earth Shatter will reach as far as it will go。

In a state in which Reinhardt in the payload is almost hidden from the other party
ULT motion can not be seenSince it is a fairly strong。

... even if hit from here


It is restored little by little and are close to the payload(The attacker limited)

Being in the vicinity of the payloadPer second 10HP by recoveryIt will be。
Since the payload is favorable basically defense、
Will a system for reducing the difference between the attack side。

When the healer has or not in the near
Please try to use as an emergency means。

Dead Eye of Macleay shoot from right to left as viewed from the Macleay

Position of the leaf-back of Genji is there is when it is okay to hit early look at the timing you were left。

D.Va of suicide is prevented even thin ones, such as street lights

As the image aboveNot Kurawa If the center of your body is long hidden from suicideis。
Opportunity to use in combat but is not so much
It does not may be used as an emergency means。

Soldier and Zaria can jump higher in rocket jump

Since the sub-attack of the helix rockets and Zaria is also knock back their own、
To jump at the same time and shoot toward the right underFly as high as。
Please try so or go to usually go no place。

We are able to climb even from here

Treasure box has been finalized contents at the moment acquired

Keep in pooled for new items also can not be obtained。
Chaimashou opened on the spot!

Even over a match on without looking at the POTG、It does not change fast to match the People who looked up to the screen of the rate

Is the information that was said on the official forum。


Will was your。
I'm glad if it Tteyuu did not surprisingly known。
It is recommended especially since the rocket jump is a useful technique idea to learn!
Here, since a lot may not have fully introduced、
Please try by all means examine If you are interested!

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And easy-to-understand I will do my best to write a useful article!

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