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Congratulation over watch 2 Release decision!

Congratulation over watch 2 Release decision!

There was a new formal announcement of the over-watch 2 at the recent Blizzcon。
This time, I think let's summarize the new elements that are newly announced。

COOP play (Story、Hero)

Story mission

Finally appeared to equity story mode demands there were many from the player the full from the previous。

Here mode is the mode that can co-op with four people。Although the atmosphere manner similar to Storm Rising and archives that were previously held、This timeIt can be used as additional abilities by picking up items during the mission

There are items that can be deployed things or barrier, such as the probiotic field of Soldier Looking at the play video、It seems rare degree is present in each of the items。

Hero mission

By repeatedly play at this modeHero unique abilities can be released to obtain the "talent"You can。

Or explosion Parusubomu of tracer is continuously、Genji of dragon Gekken there is Zan shoot to Reichardt's ground Shatter or to fly you can evolve into a stronger and may become in all directions。

The ability was released in hereNot related only to valid and PvP to PvE
It seems to be the thing。


Over Watch 2 any previous work of the hero、map、Mode is the same as。
Other achievements the player has also won、Skin, such as
It seems all is taken over。

Blizzard will continue to support the existing over-watch community、Over watch and over-watch 2 pre Ya are both play in multiplayerYou can。

New map without having to purchase an over-watch 2、It sounds like the new hero is going to be added。

New mode "push"

Compete for control of the new mode in the "push" robot、Victory of the team pushed to the most opponent territory the robotIt will be。
It is the rule, such as payload and control are mixed。

New map

New map with the addition of the new mode will be three additional。




New Hero:Sojon

That the first Canadian hero "Sojourn" is added at the moment
We are determined。
Although details such as roles and possession abilities unknown、Of game director Jeff Kaplan said she is "over-watch 2"Is the main character
We revealed that。

The other she had showed up at the origin-story image of the animated short "RECALL" and analysts、Archive had appeared through the "Storm Rising" in the wireless communication。

Or echo is also not to appear as a new heroAlthough it is said that、But it has not been currently a formal announcement。

Engine upgrade

Over Watch 2, the game engine has been power-up compared with those of the existing。
Graphics and UI are more sophisticated、Vast and complex map is available than in the PvE mode PvE map of until nowIt seems。


It will be new information more than has been presented at Blizzcon。I also have to play from the beginning released but major changes up to this point will be very excited because it was not!

The price is 6000 yen、I There are also rumors that than being released to the up to release date is undecided PS5 comes out because it is treated as the DLC。

Not tied up the eyes from the over watch to evolve in the future。

Over watch:Gameplay trailer →https://youtu.be/D9QuYg3gC-4

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