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12Month 11 days update information

12Month 11 days update information

finally came。Significant weakening of the shield、It updates, including Deathmatch and the like in the game search has been published today。This time, let's look at its contents。

new function:"Standby"

It was replaced by the new features that are a traditional Squamish mode referred to as the "waiting"。
ThisPlay a variety of game modes during a search of the gameI can do it。

If you are in the queue、Players will be asked to select from the following game modes。

Practice ground

Practice entered the training in individual or multiple people


Other players regardless of the score and the match

Death match

Vying for the top of the scoreboard

Custom game

Select a custom game from custom game browser、Create a game on their own。(If everyone a custom game to be able to play、"Allow the matchmaking of players."Select the setting)

There is in all game modes of waiting option、You can access as a single player or group。
AlsoOnly the group leader can select the team mode ofis。

Hero update


Damage reduction of armor3It increased to 5 fromDid。


Based Armor

200From 250Increase in

Protective barrier

Health is900From 600Decrease in


Cool down108 seconds from secondsDecrease in


Experimental barrier

The durability value1500From 900Decrease in
The recovery rate of durable valueSeconds from 150 to 120Decrease in

Kinetic Grasp

The cool time13From seconds to 10 secondsShortened to
The conversion efficiency of the shield absorption amount of40%From 60%Increase in


Barrier field

Health is2000From 1600Decrease in
Penalty of movement speed50% From 30%Decrease in

Passive (Steadfast)

Knock back resistance30% From 50%Increase in


Biotech Grasp

Heal amount is reduced from 4 to 3.25 (80 From HP / s 65 HP / s


Defense matrix

Cool down2From seconds to 1.5 secondsDecrease in

The widowmaker

Grappling hook

Cool down10From seconds to 12 secondsIncrease in

Thor Bjorn


Cool down12From seconds to 10 secondsDecrease in



The number of bullet24From 30Increase in


Particle Cannon

Explosion radius22.5 m fromIncrease in
Ammo cost25From 20Decrease in


Durability value of the shield was shaved large in this update。
until nowHow it will change from Orishigu environmentIt is fun!

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