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2019October 16, patch notes Summary

2019October 16, patch notes Summary

Including Orishigu weakening、13Large patch is finally implemented, including a significant balance adjustments to the hero of the body!

But it was implemented from earlier in the PTR、In this update
It became to be formally implemented to the live server。

We will introduce to each what has been is what adjustment roll in this article。


D.Va (strengthen)

Defense matrix

Gauge of the recovery rate is increased from every second 12.5% ​​to 16%
Time until the gauge of recovery begins is reduced to 0.75 seconds from 1 seconds

But is D.Va that was hit by many times weakening in Goats environment of ever、Of this time
It was a long time of strengthening in the patch。

Strengthening the defense matrix is ​​the strength of D.Va has entered。Since the strengthening in Winston has entered、It revives fear When you also to be erased the ult so D.Va is used dive becomes stronger。

Orisa(Weak body of)

Protective barrier

Cool time is increased from 9 to 10 seconds

But is Orisa, which has built up a Orishigu of is said to Orihoggu and the current environment strongest configuration、9 seconds with the sigma of the implementation from the beginning of the cool time 8 seconds、And it has been extended to the current 10 seconds。

Implementation initially as compared when there is an impression that endurance is quite fallen but is Orisa、We look forward to what is operated and how the future。

Road Hog(strengthen)

Scrap Cancer

And ammunition increased to 6 shots from 5 shots

Large reinforced more than the numbers personally。Toka ... to have done after one shot、The bullet was not I was caught by the hook! It is quietly glad In view of the fact that reducing the things like。

sigma(Weak body of&Micro strengthen)

Kinetic Grasp

Road Hog chain hook and Brigitte adjustment so as not to play the Whip shot of

Gravity flux

Stan time after it has nailed to the ground is reduced from 1.2 seconds to 0.9 seconds

Experimental barrier

Decrease - from the recovery speed is seconds 175 to 150
Cool time to re-deploy the barrier an additional 1 second
- of the cast time to delete the first 0.2 seconds

Although the Orihoggu environment from being implemented until this is sigma of spoiler in an instant、We hit by significant weakening in this patch。

In particular, by cool down is added to the barrier recovery rate reduction and redeployment
Endurance fell significantly。
On the other hand shield is now to appear in the blink of an eye、Making it easier to correspond to the situation in Tossa。


Barrier projector

- duration increased from 6 seconds to 9 seconds
Barrier of health is increased from 600 to 700

Strengthening to the barrier to be regarded as Winston lifeline has entered。This
It Winston is now survive further persistently。
Since it is also strengthening of D.Va and tracer together or become dive configuration rehabilitation! ?


Doom Fist(Weak body of)

Rocket Punch

• The maximum time to charge until the increase to 1.4 seconds from 1 seconds
Attack will be the largest defense force
Skills shield obtained from the hit of the reduction from 35 to 30

To Doom Fist of damage hero that has been most pick in the current environment
Weakening has entered。
Since the charge time is slightly extendedSlightly hit to riskBut you、It is still likely to rampant because there is no honest too big changes。

By the way, I hope and I want you to really somehow so that the wanton death hit every punch Gacha opponent of Doom Fist ...

Sonbura(Balance adjustment)


Cool time is increased from 4 seconds to 6 seconds
Cool time to expand or、Start at the same time as the timing was destroyed by the enemy

Instead of cool time is extendedCool time from the moment you place the locator
Count is now。

It will be able to use such as this in installing again locator immediately after the teleport。However even so put again if it is to break the locator to the enemy
6Since the second takes it says that the point was weakened。

Shinmetora(Weak body of)

Photon barrier

- duration reduced from 15 seconds to 12 seconds
Health is reduced from 5000 to 4000

Sentry Turret

Damage is reduced from 50 to 40

Photon projector

- sound at the time of the beam hit the main attack is as louder by the player who hit adjustment

Turret of Shinmetora but was troublesome was easier to deal with by the decreased damage。
Durable value in relation to part of the ult、Both declined duration。


Pulse pistol

And distance attenuation starts of damage is increased to 13 meters from 10 meters

Strengthening the main weapon of the tracer has entered。
Although I myself saw touch with PTR、It tends to damage out to the tank from the middle distance going to be a good turnover of ultIs the impression that。
200It is a feeling of use of conventional because the bullet of the population rate is not struck from the first place 13m away for bad for the family。
Is also coupled with likely tracer is also easier to use the weakening of Brigitte in previous patch。


Baptiste(Weak body of)

Imotariti field

Health is reduced from 250 to 200

By is Imotariti field was exquisitely awkward but the endurance value becomes 200 to break alone、2 shots in the Widow、Now break if 3 rounds Atere in Macleay。For Baptiste side to reverseBy now it is broken easily、Timing to use is now difficult。

Lucio(Balance adjustment)

cross fade

The effect of the speed boost is increased from 20% to 25%

Amplifier It Up

The effect of the speed boost is increased from 50% to 60%

Wall Ride

The effect of the speed-up is reduced from 40% to 30%

It is weakened by the Lucio but under Goats environment、I went back to the original Lucio by it has become to roll queue。
It will be able to apply powerful buff to more ally、Making it easier to play a role as a support。

Always speed boost in an aside S1 is 50%、Was a monster performance that increased by 100 percent in the amplifier。nostalgic···



- Ultra adjusted to additional beam in use to penetrate the enemy barrier

During ult the beam is now not interrupted even on both sides of the shield。We are happy strengthen the hero of the shield possession is often the current environment。

Moira(Weak body of)

Bio tick Grasp

- self-healing amount of seconds reduced by 30 from to 20

Self-healing amount of heel ball has been reduced。
Viability is slightly lower、To ally went to say theHealer's premier heel performance is still strong because it is unchanged。


Although we have quick introduction to What do you think everyone is this patch?
Operated by the current environment one little Orishigu
You will see that you are trying to leverage。
At the time of the dive configuration, especially in the current adjustment
Well strengthen the heroes to be pick
is inside。

But it is fun now become to be seen a variety of configurations!
Personally, I feel so that they can come more weakening in Doom。
That's all for today。

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