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Site function [Friend Wanted version] has been added

Site function [Friend Wanted version] has been added

Sorry become a while coming soon。
Now that we have added it will be specified towards the use。

How to use


Please click here for top page。
Image red circle reference

How to use

Step 1

Click here in the recruiting version of page
Refer to the image

Step 2

It becomes such a screen、Please write recruiting statement that want to write their own。

Time to do
Call is Kana only
 ※Kuima and rank、Discord mackerel of members recruiting, etc.
(Rival match if rate)

Writing like it might be helpful at a glance。

When the post to
In this way you will see


Because is has become ugly UI will be status quo strange line breaks
Revised at a later date、I'm sorry。

Since the forced new line enters here only talking about 11-th character
11It becomes a beautiful sentence and a new line before going character

Such a function you want!
(Dattari place to discuss the configuration、Many want a place to discuss)
If you have any thank you by all means to DM of Twitter。

Friends Wanted Edition

People in

Capture information will continue to deliver for the Overwatch player!
CS · PC asked not playing the Overwatch。
Taking advantage of the knowledge you are doing from the β version
So that you can create a strongly become article only Read
We devote every day。

Of people in Twitter

Posted list of some of the people in

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