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HOMEOverwatch column[Column] strongest of techniques for "ROHM"。

[Column] strongest of techniques for "ROHM"。

[Column] strongest of techniques for "ROHM"。

It is after a long time of column、
It is kindly for becoming a reference for fighting。

If we briefly summarized here because you followed by a long sentence

If there is an ability to think
It is likely to win those who were or take side than being much in front
about it。

Importance and carry force of "ROHM"

Rohm The

If you are playing
Or taken the Wanpikku imperceptibly opponent is coming on the back
Or shot permanently from the side

Ally it is not to each other hit because continue to take Wanpikku
Ally die at the moment of each other is about to occur per

This is of all opponent"ROHM"Technique is that。
Back upYaStrollingI think there is no problem in recognition that。

If you want to see the actual movement with respect to ROHM
Please look at the distribution of Gleen Leaves belongs TEN players
It is ROHM's professional。
Of TEN players Twitch

The movement of Aleksey players D81 FortuNa regarding ROHM tank
It is recommended because it is felt to continue to Gorigori carry in the tank。
Of Aleksey players Twitch

The importance of Rohm

First, please click here
6Figure of VS6

Next is here
Figure that Rohm

Tends to be absolutely ally ask that's the situation of 6VS6 of front
Cases are often lose is action earlier in the opponent After waiting for the action of the ally。

ThereforeROHM that becomes importantIt is behavior that、
By the Rohm
You can move the freeze state front with their own hands。

Is not this kind of experience?
"Opponent devastating results come from the side when I Uchia' in front."
This is the importance of Rohm。
If you can here decide you can do the same thing to the other party。

In addition to their own to know the strength of Rohm
Also it has become possible to be vigilant。

Since ROHM warning there are many scenes needed than to the Rohm
It is one of the techniques that you want to wear。

How much influence the game

Given a great deal of stress to the other party
It is not also impossible to win by one person yourself for each other not to cause a hit。

The biggest feature is that you do not depend on the ally than fight in the shield backis
If he can effective loam
Although the team will be at a disadvantage
Effectively you can win easily game if you perform multiple times。

DPS carry and support carry、If you want to sub-tank carry
ROHM will it can be said that the essential techniques。

Pulling the team by kill the influence 1 opponent

And DPS who are much in front
Hiding positionDPS coming imperceptibly out of the firepower from the side
Which one would be a threat if you are in the other party?

I do that。

Advance the front by attracting influence 2 partner here

Awayokuba kill to take back、Basically, the "bait(decoy)"so
By attract two to three sheets shoot 1 to 3 shots an opponent
Tilt to their the flow of the war situation to make a number of fronts。

Very important to see the sense of distance and opponent of the pick with the other party
This risk is greater, but is one of the nice user-friendly fighting。

Difficult if you fail since it is quite often the troll treatment
Among the unfamiliar it might be better to practice in the quick match。

Narrowing the range of activities of the other party by taking the influence 3 area

Together is something like a technique of influence 1-2。

Or to influence 1-3 if ROHM can be called
I think that to be able to without consciousness。


The above three are the main influence。
I think that the move the front line was able to imagine yourself one person。

There are also appropriate as a hero that is suitable for Rohm
Can be fired is high Wanpikku
There is a mobility or self-defense capability

High hero that combines the two is proper Rohm
Even if the two are not, on the other hand by the Rohm low Rohm proper
It is often made to the team of burden。
(Extreme example)Attack, such as in the Mercy and Moira from the back of the hill of the other party

Why Sabuaka DPS、Whether immediately return to the rate of the above tank

60% Is because determine the Rohm、
The remaining 40% is Dattari aim or was the amount of knowledge。

The medium to low rate is extremely small players to perform Rohm
This DPS is often from the shield back and out the firepower to shield of opponent。

OrHopeless case timingAre many。

The impression that is not can also be Rohm warning。
Therefore, people who know the ROHM Sabuaka is
So you can Wanpikku yourself to the back、

You can determine the movement of almost permanently no risk high return。

That's why the difference of this knowledge is said to be strong Sabuaka。


It is best before each other per begins。
It is a full-fledged Once you have loam, watching the front line among each other per。

Also、I think that is likely to win better to press the Mei and Reaper, such as front
Also I think there is no problem, press the front if the hero。

Proper use of the front and Rohm、This aims to make the mercy of the opponent。

ROHM's state that has been seen in the opponent is pretty dangerous。
Let's try to hide the figure so as to be able to Rohm in not observed in the other party。

Also、It is always in many cases is gone about to Rohm would Bale to opponent
Dattari timing, such as because each other to read is an important partner "I think it will not come to"
It says to be carried out in the gap, such as the other party is paying attention to a different location is that it is best。

Less preferred Rohm action

Heel blast

We can not rely on allies to carry on their own 1 person。

In the case it was if God healer purchase to give me a heel and a hit at the time of the ROHM
Let's give thanks for everything

I think something different to depend on the heel ROHM。

Previous fall

It is a troll earlier fall is to ROHM。

The results in falling earlier to act on their own one person
Only there is no their own player skills。

ROHM at the timing to become a disadvantage

Or roaming in the other party does not correspond to have been Rohm earlier ...
Or loam in that situation to have made up the front because they are ...

Although strong action to ROHM
Believe that the time and、Do not move the front or without their own, etc.
Let's will be able to Rohm in terms of thought。

No purpose Rohm

Than in the time being ROHM is written here
I do not think out the results case increases。

As in the properly of influence Toko if you do
Let's do consider how you want to move the game。

Because anything not considered to Rohm is a very dangerous act
What It is also better to have the quiet Tateura If you do not want to think that Gil。

How to Avoid ROHM

Be aware of the position of the other party of the hero
Roams faster than your opponent
Partner, which has been ROHM repel or defeat soon

If possible this 3 Tsusae will not be troubled by the other party of Rohm
No one preferably most situations that are not wary of ROHM's opponent。

Since ally is continuously taken Wanpikku such as Macleay and Brigitte
Stan(The following CC)It looks good scene to appoint the hero has

Properly not be wary of the opponent when the CC does not help
Instead of the corresponding If you come because they have a CC
To understand the position of the other party from before coming、Ideally the defeat in the coming When CC。


Related article

AKIHABARA ENCOUNT belongs Solo players
Article I was allowed to introduce because it associated with Rohm

And the dependence of the "hero in this article、It has been summarized dependent destination "。
Tank is not possible when the support is not anything etc.is not it。

Say whether Rohm and what it's relationship
Also fall dependency source if Aim your opponent's dependent destinationabout it
It will also be severely opponent tank by applying a pressure to the other party support to the Rohm
ROHM is also possible to move the game by one person for the。

As is the last of articles "From the roots to the hunt weed


ROHM is the strongest of the technique in OW。

When people who do not know as a weakness to the loam will be 100% troll。

Also、Many also fit hero and the bowl has been partner of Rohm
Because there are a lot of patterns to become a partner hero and 1vs1、
Some degree of AIM force is perhaps the need。

The world of OW When you are ready to perform well instead to understand the Rohm
Really accustomed to their hero。

Since the Rohm and death of two sides of the same coin
That it is a low rate for fear of death there is so much to not impression Rohm。

vice versaIf the high rateSince the paralyzed feeling in the fierce battle is
I feel it is more of a stance to do before it is done。

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