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Introduce the "Winter Wonderland 2019" & OW videos

Introduce the "Winter Wonderland 2019" & OW videos

Winter Wonderland 2019

"Winter Wonderland 2019" is being held until January 3, 2020!

Such as skin seven-emotes two highlights intro one Announcing a new!
Let's put the victory reward of each week to hand!
Yeti Hunt"When"Mei of the snowball fight"In addition to、
This year, new game mode "Snow Ball Deathmatch"Also appeared!
The map also has become a holiday specification。

Held period

2019On December 11 – 2020On January 3

Limited game mode

In addition to the "snowball fight of Mei", "Yeti Hunt"、
A new game mode "Snow Ball Deathmatch"Appeared!

"Snow Ball Deathmatch" Details

• 8 of the FFA method to fight in person deathmatch
May the operation that all were equipped with a snowball blaster of special specifications
It snowballs 3 shotsTo be loaded
MaeFuyaseru their own the remaining number of bullets in it to catch the enemy of snowballs
• The first player of victory that defeated the 15 people!

Weekly Challenge

Quick Play、Rival Play、Or victory in the arcade、
Soldier 76 "Ugly sweaters 76"、"Holly" of Moira、"Snow Angel" of Mercy
Let's get a limited edition items, such as!
Reward will change on a weekly basis。

Week 1(12Month 11 days – 12Month 17 days)

3Back to victory
Player icon "Ugly sweater 76"
6Back to victory
Spray "Ugly sweater 76"
9Back to victory
Skin for Soldier 76 "Ugly sweater 76"

Week 2(12Month 17 days – 12Month 24 days)

3Back to victory
Player icon "Holiday Bunny"
6Back to victory
Spray "gift"
9Back to victory
Skin for Moira "Holly"

Week 3(12Month 24 days – 1Month 2 days)

3Back to victory
Player icon "Snow Angel"
6Back to victory
Spray "Winter spell"
9Back to victory
Skin for Mercy "Snow Angel"

New items


Mountain Man (Macleay, Legendary)

Yotun (Doom Fist Legendary)

Lime (Sigma Legendary)

Rat King (reaper-Legendary)

Ugly sweater 76 (Soldier 76-Epic)

Snow Angel (Mercy Epic)

Holly (Moira Epic)


Hello、My name is (Winston Epic)

Present、Substitution (Sonbura Epic)

Highlights intro

Festive (Mei-Epic)

Otherwise、Victory pose three、Voice line 11 species、Please try to check because even 15 species spray has been added!


Ariyoshi Ii eeeee!

2019On December 8(day)At 10 o'clock broadcast times night
Over watch had become the theme。
Here are the Web limited video!

Play the OW is famous YouTuber

Package version of the Switch version Overwatch also been released、If our YouTuber had to play。

I want to get all means is the favorite because spray "Winter Spell" is likely Elsa parody of Ana snow(Lol)

Referring to Yuan:PlayOverwatch


PC version,PS4 version,Switch version of playing
It is a tank player mokki!
We've got the information, such as enjoy the Overwatch!

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