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final battle! Introduce the attractions of OWL2019 GRAND FINALS!

final battle! Introduce the attractions of OWL2019 GRAND FINALS!

final battle!

OWL2019 GRAND FINALS play cards
Vancouver Titans」vs「San Francisco Shock"is。
In Stage1 playoff and Stage2 results of 1 wins and 1 loss through the competition twice in playoff
It celebrated the final battle。
The end is Goats environment、2-2-2 How strong is better either in the lock of the environment
2019It is worthy match-up to round off the year season。
In this article、For introduction and sights of the team of each other
We will continue to introduce。

Meet the Team

Vancouver Titans

Vancouver TitansA team that entered the market from this season to OWL。
Nine out of the roster 10 people "RunAwayFrom the Korean team called "
It is the players who have been moved。
RunAway"From the beginning Overwatch release
KoreaA team that has been based in、
Originally was to start its activities as an amateur rather than a professional。
Etc. if members turnover of've been together a long time they、From opening
UndefeatedIn conquered Stage1
Regular season16-game winning streakWe set a large record of。
Fine cooperation and that swept the Goats environmentHigh level of individual skills is attractive。

San Francisco Shock

San Francisco Shock is the team that had entered the OWL from last season。
Last season was finished the season with a result of 12 team # 9 of not wielded grades。
This season make considerable changes to the roster、The highest rated in OWL
CrustyThe "coach It faced the season greeted by head coach。
Stage1 but what it was finished in mediocre results
Stage2 performance and explosion in、What7War 7 wins
Moreover, 1 map also dropped not
28Map consecutive victoryWe won the Stage2 set a record of。
And DPS of individual skillsLeadership of Crusty coachIt is but the flavor。

Match-up of attention

Haksal vs sinatraa

Doom Fist

ःAksl(Vancouver Titans)
sinatraa(San Francisco Shock)
Both persons in each teamDoom FistIs the player in charge of the。
Doom FistIt is、So-called of OrisashigumaDouble shield
Ignoring the important damage source given the damage to the other party。
The two of confrontation might affect the outcome of the team。

JJANU vs Choihyobin


JJANU(Vancouver Titans)
Choihyobin(San Francisco Shock)
SigmaIs the player in charge of the。SigmaIn hero became available from the post season、
Skills · ULT are both high power。
Sometimes it issued a damage、Protect fellow sometimes。
Their performance will greatly affect the outcome of team。


Grand Final round out this year's OWL is
Japan time September 30 (Mon) 04:00It will start from。
You can not read the outcome because it has remained strong even in the two teams 222 environment。
Looking at the fight the first time in the play-off "San Francisco ShockWho "is I think that there is a momentum。
2019, Please view by all means the most high-level game in the year the world!

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