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Over watch Halloween Event!

Over watch Halloween Event!

graduallyI time of Halloween came closer。OWBut Halloween event has been held from October 16 the other day。
Items and skins of events limited will continue to introduce because full out!

Halloween Terror 2019

Event period

2019year10month16Day ~11month5day

Limited mode

"Revenge of the rock-paper-scissors Stein," "Revenge of the rock-paper-scissors Stein(Endless)Appears in the arcade for a limited time。
Rock-paper-scissors Defend the castle from Stein Dr. attack!


The map that became Halloween specifications OAK FOREST 、HOLLYWOOD
。Always and you can enjoy a map of the different atmosphere。

New items

Event limited item43Type appearance

Limited box "Halloween Terror You can get from the Treasure Box "and Weekly Challenge。

New items、New Skin9type、New emotes1type、New Victory pose3type、New voice line16type、New spray12type、New highlights intro2Type of item has been added。

Available only during the event periodSo if you have something you want, do your best to get it!


The widowmaker:Scorpion


tracer:Will O Wisp

Weekly Challenge

Quick Play/Rival Play/arcadeIn any ofDesignatedvictoryAchieve a numberDoBy doing that, you can get limited skins for Halloween。

Please be careful not to miss this event, as the rewards will be reset every week.。

The first1week

3Victory:Player icon "Inferno"

6Victory:Spray "Inferno"

9Victory:Skin of junk rat "Inferno"

The first2week

3Victory:Player icon "Vampire"

6Victory:Spray "Vampire"

9Victory:Skin of Baptiste "Vampire"

The first3week

3Victory:Player icon "Demon Hunter"

6Victory:Spray "Demon Hunter"

9Victory:Skin of Sonbura "Demon Hunter"


What did you think?
Personally, this event skin is cool
I want a lot of it all...。
Especially the emotes where Zenyatta stands are cuteSince the
Please check it out。
Let's enjoy Halloween event once a year!

It should be noted、Details of the event limited items can be found at the official site。

Official URL: https://playoverwatch.com/ja-jp/events/halloween-terror

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