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Basic support and character list

Support and the

You can heal hit the ally、
Buff and debuff、Use abilities with CC
The main thing is to prevent the team from creating a gap
It is the main role。
Hero to be a game of nuclearWe gathered。

Among the support
High buff awareness of the allyHero

Put out a debuff and damage to opponentHero
- Zenyatta
- Moira
- Brigitte

It can be divided into。

The standing position of the supportClick herePlease refer to the article。

Support character list and features



Fire sonic bullets from <Sonic Amplifier> made with the latest technology、Knock back the enemy with a shock wave。Restoring allies with music、You can also increase the movement speed。These effects、Can be switched according to the situation。



Recover allies with <Harmony Orb>、Weaken enemies with Discord Orb。Become invincible during <Destruction of the mind>、Take no damage。



With the help of the Valkyrie suit、Always fight beside your allies。With the beam emitted from <Caduceus Staff>、Recovery of allies、strengthen、Resuscitate。



The old soldier Anna who is good at cunning battles、Various effects on all heroes regardless of enemy or ally。Recover allies、In addition to biotic rifles and biotic grenades that damage enemies、It is possible to fight by using sleep darts that put the enemy to sleep。further、Ultimate Ability Nano Boost greatly amplifies the power of one ally。



Moira recovers and attacks、A user of "Biotic Abilities" that has both abilities。Biotic Grasp for short distances、Both medium to long distance biotic orbs、It is possible to switch between recovery and attack depending on the situation。Also、When you're in trouble、If your companion needs help、You can also use fades to move in an instant。further、With Ultimate Coalessens、Recover multiple friends at the same time、Or you can wipe out a group of enemies。



Brigitte is an armor specialist。In addition to recovery by <Repair Pack>、When you damage an enemy with Frail, it automatically recovers nearby allies.。Her flail is an excellent melee weapon that can attack multiple enemies at once.、You can also use Whip Shot to damage distant enemies.。Also、In a pinch, protect yourself with the <Barrier Shield>、It is also possible to immediately move to attack with <Shield Bash>。When you activate the Ultimate Ability Rally、Movement speed improves for a while、Gives armor to nearby allies。



Baptists make full use of various prototype devices and weapons、Eliminate threats while protecting allies even in fierce combat situations。The veteran Combat Medic Baptiste、He is good at not only eradicating enemies but also saving the lives of allies.。