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The basic fighting and character list of damage

Damage and is

Or aiming to kill damage to opponent、
The fighting that game is advantageous to easily move the tank
It is the main role。
Hero to be a game of HanaWe gathered。

Among the damage
Put out the overwhelming firepower in the far-in at high powerHero
- Macleay
Widow Maker
- Hanzo

Medium and short-range warfare taking advantage of the high mobility are goodHero
- Genji
- Sonbura
Doom Fist

We are specializing in delay action or interferenceHero
- Bastion
Junk rat
- Torubyon
- Shinmetora

It can be divided into。

Character List and features of the damage


Soldier 76

The beginning was equipped with a <helix rocket> <Heavy pulse rifle>、Wrap yourself in the armed state-of-the-art。With a soldier unique speed and support of the know-how of veteran。



Aiju armed with <piece keeper>、Feeding the precise unparalleled attack。Also possible to get out quickly from the danger。



Rifle of the main weapons、Not only do the high-speed shooting in the shooting Koshidame、It is also possible to achieve both high precision and great damage by utilizing sight。Throwing high power dynamite、Also possible to knock back the enemy with a powerful coach gun。Omnic buddy in the Ultimate、To summon Bob、To participate in the fight。。


Widow Maker

To release poison gas <Venom Main>、Inform the position of the enemy to ally <infrastructure site> etc.、With a number of equipment was the supreme purpose of target annihilate。Sniper rifle that feeds a powerful blow、It can also be used as automatic rifle depending on the application。



2Manipulate the <Hellfire shotgun> Ding。In addition to temporarily become invincible state、To go back and forth in the shadows、Dangerous that specializes in surprise attack。



Robot with self-repair function。Normal <reconnaissance mode>、Turn into a fixed turret <Sentry mode>、It is key to the proper use is victory of <tank mode> with a high attack power。



Mai the sky in combat suit、To attack in the <rocket launcher>。Let Furaseyo the rain of rockets from the sky。



See through the position of the enemy、Divide and like to attack multiple enemies、Consumer of the arrow with special properties。You can attack from high places in the <wall climbing>、It is also possible to or summon a giant dragon spirits。


Junk rat

Junk rat has equipped repel the enemy in a certain range、Grenade injection to bounce off the wall with flag launcher、Blow off the enemy with Concussion Main、Stop the movement of the enemy in a steel trap。


Thor Bjorn

<Rivet gun> and puppet <Forge Hammer>、To create a turret。



To slow down the movement of the enemy in the weather control device、To defend the area。Or firing the icicles in the <frozen blaster>、You can or showered the cold air to the enemy。Also、<Clio freeze> prevents the enemy of the attack wrapped his body in ice、<Ice Wall> interferes with the movement of the enemy。



Manipulate the light to use the <photon projector>、To attack the enemy or shield。It is also possible to install the <teleporters> and <Sentry Turret>。



Manipulate the 2-chome of <pulse pistol> and the time bomb that excellent rate of fire <pulse Bomb>。Move quickly in the <blink>、It is also possible to or rewind their time。



Sonbura with the ability to take away the power of stealth capability and the enemy is、It infiltrated aerator that specializes in diversion and infiltration。Guests can weakening to hack the enemy、Also possible to win together multiple enemies if you use the EMP of the Ultimate。Also、Into hiding in the optical camouflage、It is also possible to teleport in Tranz locator。



Consumer of <Shuriken> with excellent accuracy and attack power。Repel the enemy of the flying object with a sword which made full use of the advanced technology、Chop up multiple enemies at <wind sword>。


Doom Fist

Doom Fist is proud of the high mobility、Also it has the power of the only fight in the front line。The main weapon of the hand cannon except that can be operated like a shotgun、Slam dividing the ground、Partner is intense upper enough to dance in the air、With a rocket-punch, such as many of ability to rush every fist。Also、After that went up at once flew to the sky、With Meteor strike to drop to the ground like a meteorite、It is also possible to wipe out every population enemy。