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The basic fighting and character list of the tank

And tank

It can take over the damage of the ally、Or push up the front、
Is the main role of the roll partner of interference。
Hero to be a game of groundWe gathered。

Among the tank
We are specialized to tension the frontMain tank
- Orisa
- Wrecking Ball

Support the main tankOr
Specializing in the interference of the other partyThe sub-tank that you are
- Zaria
· Dva
Road Hog

It can be divided into。

Character List and features of the tank



D.Va will spur on the MEC of high mobility and high firepower。2For short range of the gate <Fusion Cannon> reloading unnecessary。In addition to、Is jump over enemies and obstacles <Booster>、Play the flying object and the like can be used <Defense matrix>。



Sigma, an astrophysicist with an unconventional and easily excited side、As an unexpected product of orbital experiments、Gained the ability to manipulate gravity。This tank, which was converted into a human weapon by Talon's hand,、It's just a threat anymore


Road Hog

And social position a style that sympathy the <scrap gun> from attracts the enemy in the <chain hook>。Not budge in some of the damage、To recover the life within a short period of time in the <take-a-breather>。Just impregnable fortress。



Expand the barrier around their own、By the amount of damage is <Particle Cannon> is enhanced barrier。Hero indispensable to the front。



Emit <jump pack> and blitz <Tesla Cannon>、To deploy the shield fight with the invention products such as <barrier projector>。Alive and well brute strength of the gorilla unique。



Dressed in robust armor、Knight wielding a hammer。It came in from the battlefield freely in the <charge>、Protect the ally in the <Barrier field>。



Tank hero responsible for the cornerstone of team。Not only protect the guys and the front line in the <Protective barrier>、It is also possible to overwhelm the enemy with boasts a long-range <Fusion Driver>。Also、To enhance their own defense force Ya <Fortified>、To limit the action of the enemy <stop! In addition to the>、With a number of abilities and Ultimate <supercharger> to amplify the attack power of allies in the vicinity of


Wrecking ball

Wrecking ball by making full use of the MEC with a varied attack options and hard armor、A powerful tank-hero capable of crushing the enemy。